Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver


“Pandemonium” by Lauren Oliver

5 out of 5 stars.

Pandemonium is the follow up to Lauren Oliver’s Delirium. Better than its predecessor, Pandemonium will capture its readers from page one until its suspenseful, and torturous ending. It deserves five out of five stars.

After finishing Delirium, upon my sister’s recommendation, I was excited to begin reading Pandemonium.
Delirium, in my opinion, was very well written and wonderfully thought out. I never felt that Lauren Oliver was dumbing me down, unlike other authors that try to make it easy to read since they are catering to a younger crowd. I felt that miss Oliver was “widening” my thought process. I have read a lot of teen fiction this past summer, and I noticed that authors really try too hard to simplify their writing style just so young adults won’t feel challenged to figure out what is going on, because people quit things when it they aren’t easy to pick up. But I never felt as if Lauren Oliver was just trying to sell a book and make money. She writes quality books, and I feel the quality whenever I read one of her books.

So, I enjoyed Delirium, very pleased with the writing and the story behind the society. I mean, a place where love is illegal is a very interesting concept to imagine and execute. And wow, Lauren Oliver really executed it magnificently.

I normally dislike the main female character, but I actually enjoyed Lena, and being in her head didn’t drive me crazy. I understood why she would feel that “no love” was a good thing. It was what she had been made to believe, especially with her Dad dying  and her Mom being “infected” with the disease that caused all the evil that exists in the world. She knew no better than to believe those who ran her life. But that all changes when she meets the mysterious dark-haired boy named Alex, a boy from the Wildes. With the help of Alex, Lena learns that love isn’t what the government says it is, but sees for herself, how beautiful it can truly be. Delirium ends quite wrenchingly, pulling at the heartstrings of its readers. It left me shocked and looking forward to the next installment.

Jumping over the fence, and running injured into the Wildes is where Delirium leaves its readers waiting for the next book. This is where Pandemonium begins.

I felt that Pandemonium is actually under-loved by Lauren Oliver fans. I thought that it was absolutely fantastic! It was a page turner to the third degree. I couldn’t put it down, and before even finishing it, I bought it online so I could have my own copy! Just so you know, I don’t buy books unless I LOVE, LOVE them. I didn’t even have to finish Pandemonium to know that I loved every single page. It was exciting, fast paced, and I did not feel like I was just reading another version of Delirium. I knew the two were connected, but in my opinion, it could stand very well on its own. Just a little back ground and Pandemonium could be a standalone novel.

I am going to be honest, though, one of the reasons I loved this book so much was because of Julian. He was a fantastic male character. (And it was not just because he was blonde and tall. But that helped some, too. I know I have a problem!)  A lot of people think that Julian was too naive, but I thought he had more depth than that. Yes, he was innocent, but I think that added to his appeal. I felt (my sister pointed this out and I totally agree.) that Alex had been experienced, as in “he had already done what he did with Lena before with someone else.” It didn’t feel sincere or special to me, like he knew exactly what to do to sway Lena, and had been waiting for the right opportunity to have her. Don’t get me wrong, I thought Alex was a nice guy but he was not my cup of tea. Julian just happen to be my favorite kind. With Julian it was completely natural, I felt. They hadn’t really seen each other before. He didn’t know Lena was uncured and from the Wildes, and she had certainly not wanted to like this wonderful guy. I also felt that Julian really grew as the book went along. He found out about her, was angry at first, but decided against everything he had been taught that maybe love wasn’t a disease like everyone had said. He chose to believe and fallow Lena into the unknown.

Nearing the end of Pandemonium I was near tears. It was almost over and some horribly unexpected things happened to Lena and Julian!! How could Lauren Oliver do something to tear apart Lena and Julian who had just begun a sweet, beautiful relationship together? No!!! I was on my toes the last forty pages, trying not to panic and hyperventilate. I can’t pass out! I have to finish!! Finally some good things happen, ironing out some problematic circumstances. But the dang last page through me for a loop that I had hoped to avoid, but no, it looms there still until Requiem comes out in 2013. Nearly a year I must wait to find out what happen to Julian, to Lena! But gosh, it is so worth it. Pandemonium has to be one of my most favorite books.


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