The Edge of Recall by Kristen Heitzmann.

the edge of recall kristan heitzmann

“The Edge of Recall” by Kristen Heitzmann

4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

How I found out about this book was through my sister, Ashley, and I was surprised with how much I liked it. Kristen Heitzmann is one of those authors that their books can be either amazing or just okay. The Edge of Recall is one of the really good ones. It was surprisingly thrilling and interesting, being that it is a Christian novel. Now, I will say that I really do enjoy reading some Christian stories, but they can be a little too cheesy at times for my taste. That is not the case with The Edge of Recall. It kept me reading; reading with actual interest instead of just dutifully finishing another book.  Kristen Heitzmann did a great job of creating living, breathing people in her fantastically written story. She lets you see into her characters’ pasts with little conversations that really add to the plot. I felt connected, and if possible, that I was somehow inside and a part of the story.  Now, I am not going to ruin the plot line for you, so I will just give a quick description of what goes on in The Edge of Recall.

Tessa is a twenty-something landscape architect who, ever since her father’s disappearance, is obsessed with a particular structure: the labyrinth. After Tessa’s father abandoned her and her mother, Vanessa, she has been left with tormenting dreams of being trapped in a labyrinth with a sinister monster always lurking close behind her. But Tessa begins to wonder if the monster is really just in her dreams, or if it is someone hiding somewhere in the shadows of her memory. These dreams, though seemingly only nightmares, have left Tessa emotionally scared. Will she ever be able to overcome her monsters, real or not? Will she ever be able to recall what really happened to her father, or is she to be left forever in darkness?

Smith Chandler is a handsome Brit who went to Oxford with Tessa during their early college years together. He had been her friend then, even her idol, but they had a falling out for reasons that have always been a little hazy in his memory, though they be blatant in Tessa’s mind. But with their falling out having been over six years ago, Smith puts his loses aside and calls Tessa in for a job that requires her expertise. Smith Chandler gets way more than he bargained for when Tessa arrives. On top of Tessa’s unstable emotional state he has to deal with a hoodlum who is pulling pranks, which seem to become more and more sinister with each passing day. Is it really just a mischievous kid who wishes to spook Chandler and his team off of their building site, or have they awakened something that was better left undisturbed, a force that should have been remained buried deep in the earth? Can they face it and make it out alive, too?

As The Edge of Recall unfolds, you discover a relationship that is blooming between the unwilling Smith and Tessa. But with her hesitancy to enter into any kind of relationship, with a stalker, and a potential murderer on the loose, will they ever be able to let the past go and move into a better, brighter future? You will just have to read it yourself and find out.


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