The Breath of Dawn by Kristen Heitzmann

The Breath of Dawn by Kristen Heitzmann

The Breath of Dawn by Kristen Heitzmann

4 out of 5 stars.

The Breath of Dawn begins with Quinn Reilly and the mysteries her past holds. But as the story unfolds, Quinn Reilly’s secrets come to light. Four years ago Quinn testified against Markham Wilde, a successful con-man,  which put him into prison. But those four years went fast and he’s out on parole. Markham is out of prison a year early, and he wants revenge  for all the wrongs done to him by Quinn Reilly; he is willing to do anything to get it. Anything.  Can Quinn find a way out of her troubles or is everything going to cave in on her? Will she ever be free from Wilde’s ceaseless hunt? And can she hold her own against the beguiling Morgan Spencer and his enchanting daughter? Or will she lose her heart as well as her fight against Markham?

Morgan Spencer is a broken man. One moment he was perfectly happy; he had a beautiful wife, an angelic three-month old daughter, a good relationship with God, and financial success. What more could a man need? In the blink of an eye its all shattered; one car accident and it was taken from him. Now a widower with a two year old, Morgan is but a shell of what he once was. He had finally gotten his true love back after fifteen years of wandering, and in two seconds she was taken from him. Forever. How? Why? Questions reverberate deafeningly inside his head and heart, and his only desire is to find an escape from them. Rick and Noelle’s ranch is that place of escape. Quiet and alone, Rick Spencer’s ranch is now Morgan and Livie’s (Morgan’s daughter) home; a roof over their heads at least. No place has been truly home for the success guru since Jill died, but he and his daughter have survived, and he has even written a few very successful books to pass the time. Yeah, things are going pretty well considering all that happened to Morgan; that is until Quinn Reilly shows up, and with her arrival, the thawing of his frozen heart. In his opinion, it hurt less frozen, but against his will, the vertically challenged elf sneaks her way into his life and possibly into his heart. But how can he forget Jill? Can Morgan find a happy ending or is that reserved for fairy tale endings only?

The Breath of Dawn was really good in my opinion. I thought that it was well written and unfolded well; it was a good concept that was well executed. I think my only beef with it was Morgan. I loved that man, albeit fictional man, so much in A Rush of Wings and The Still of Night. I couldn’t care less about the female characters in those two books; all I wanted was Morgan! In The Breath of Dawn however, I felt more distant. Yes, I know the Morgan I knew in the past books was different from this one because of the things he went through, but I just couldn’t connect with him or the romance like in the other two stories. Maybe it was because he was older or that he had loved Jill so fiercely and then lost her, and that Quinn was a new love interest. I know that people are widowed and then get remarried all the time, but I guess I just can’t wrap my mind around that concept. Other than that, though, I think that The Breath of Dawn was a very good read. It had intense moments that spurred you on, and cute moments too. Overall, Kristen Heitzmann produced another wonderful novel.

P.S. I had written a review prior to reading The Breath of Dawn on I had just said (complained actually) that poor Morgan had been through enough and that Kristen shouldn’t torture him anymore. And guess what! Kristen Heitzmann (I think) replied. Now, this is just a theory because she had “Kristen” as her profile name, and it was also before The Breath of Dawn’s release. So, if it was her, I feel pretty honored and find it cool that she reads peoples posts/emails about her books. This is what she said, “Trust me, Katie, trust me ~ Kristen.” The morale to this story is to watch what you say on the internet; you never know who’s listening… 😀


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