Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout

opal by jennifer l. armentrout

Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout

2 out of 5 stars.

Okay, today is going to be a slightly different post, which means I am not going to do an overview of this book. Opal was THE book I was looking forward to, but I was sorely disappointed by it. Obsidian and Onyx were great! I had fun reading them and loved that they were a bit different from the other science fiction books (mostly dystopian) that are so popular this year. Jennifer Armentrout’s books reminded me of a nineties and early two-thousand show called Roswell. I haven’t read really any alien  books in my fairly long reading career; Obsidian and Onyx were a breath of fresh (fun) air! Sadly, Opal was not like that for me.

Opal doesn’t really need a whole lot of explaining: it was pretty much the same old story that was being told in the first two books. The only thing out of the usual was that Dawson was home and that he wants to rescue Beth. While reading Opal I found myself to be disinterested. Obsidian was new so it was easy to read, Onyx was explosive, but Opal (for me) was not as good. I also found that Katy was pretty irritating, and Daemon was a flat-liner. In the other two books, Katy and Daemon were always sparring which was very entertaining, but their banter in this book was inconsistent and lackluster. I will say though, that by the middle of Opal, the plot-line does pick up, but by that point I just didn’t care that much.

Nearing the end of Opal I realized that the only character that I liked was Dawson. He was the most interesting character and he was a little mysterious because Jennifer L. Armentrout didn’t delve into his time spent in the DOD compound. All you know is that he loves Beth and wants to save her, but that’s all you really know; I guess that fact made him so much more intriguing than any of the other characters. He was nice too, so that is a plus.

I will say, though, that Opal was well written. It had almost zero language and was a fluid, easy read. I have to give Armentrout 2 stars for that alone, but overall I felt that it was a bit deadpan (for me at least). But seriously don’t take my word for it; I have seen that Opal has gotten mostly 5 stars by its reviewers. So, for most people (apparently not like me) Opal was a really good read. Opal just was not my kind of book. I hope that his review doesn’t put you off of Jennifer’s book; she is a fantastic writer and this is a good series, just Opal was not for me. I do hope that Jennifer does a longer book/novella in Dawson’s and Beth’s perspectives. That would definitely get me to read more in this series. i hope this was helpful, and I am REALLY sorry if this review was harsh.


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