My Frustration With Authors


Authors are driving me nuts right now. I have faithfully loved, endured, and patiently awaited each novel/trilogy, and death and mayhem is all I receive as a reward! Endurance is supposed to create character according to the Bible but all I’ve got is frustration to show for it. Now, I know this is very unfair to those who produce quality books; it takes so much time, dedication, and your heart and soul to create a good book. I understand that. But what I don’t understand is why an author creates an amazing male character (Julian from “Pandemonium” and Linden from “Wither”) and then does not develop them in the final book, and then attempts to kill them and their underdeveloped companions! Why, I ask?! If you created such an amazing character you would think as an author you would want to keep everyone guessing who is going to end up with who, but noooooo! They instead take that fabulous character and make them almost non-existent in the last book so that it doesn’t hurt as much when the other couple gets together. If you are going to do that as an author, then why the heck even have another character added? We know who is going to end up with who by the way the author is developing a character, so why even make up another? Your not keeping us guessing, we all know what is going to happen. So instead they continue to play on our heart strings, very unsatisfactorily I might add (i love bitter-sweet endings, but do it well people, please), and leave us face first in the dirt. I don’t like dirt…

This is my dilemma: why do authors make these characters and then just cast them aside haphazardly? Here are just a few fabulous male leads that had this happen to for no apparent reason(s)(be careful, there are spoilers below):

1. Finnick from “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins dies, not with honor or grace or heroics, but by a nasty weird lizard creature in a dank tunnel. Really? No preamble with that one; one minute Finnick is amazing and alive, and then bam! he’s dead. I was so surprised, not by the fact that he died, but by the way his life was ended. I had to read those two paragraphs a few times to kind of understand what happened. I cried myself to sleep  for a week over that one.

2. Linden from “Wither” and “Sever” by Lauren DeStefano is someone you don’t even want me to get started on. Yes, I still have not read “Sever” because of this reason. Really, Lauren? Dies by pathetic bump on the head. Really? Linden was one of those characters that I fell in love with even though I probably shouldn’t have. He was so amazing, smart and sweet that it was hard to dislike him. But no, even though Gabriel was underdeveloped, Lauren still decided to kill Linden off, and to have Rhine (idiot that she is) end up with Gabriel despite the fact that Rhine never really loved him; he was her scape goat and so she settles. Oh, joy!

3. Julian from “Pandemonium” and “Requiem” by Lauren Oliver was one of my fab five men of 2012. I had waited nearly an entire year to read “Requiem” and do you know what I got? Hmmmm? NOTHING! I didn’t even read “Requiem” because I had heard all I needed about it to know that I don’t want to read that book, if you can even call it that! Lauren Oliver was one of my favorite authors; she is an amazing writer, but what the heck happened with “Requiem”? A lot of people agree with me and my sisters on this because it’s rating on different websites is an average of three and a half stars, and that is only a couple of weeks after it came out. Who knows, maybe in a year it will be in the low threes or even the twos dare I say! From what I hear (and I can’t pass judgment because I did not drink of the book) “Requiem” was super boring, and the only interesting character was not Alex or Julian, but Hana of all people who is now just another unemotional robot. Why, I ask, did Lauren Oliver do that? Her male leads are no longer the leading men, their just there, ghosts of what they use to be. I’d be angry even if I was an Alex fan (which I am not). I’m no longer angry about “Requiem”, but I am disappointed; Lauren Oliver is a better writer than that book, and it’s sad to see an author end such a great trilogy like that.

Sooooo, after experiencing these travesties first-hand (and not so first-hand), I found myself with only a peptic ulcer to comfort me. And not the good kind; these ones just hurt. Hopefully your heart, if you have read these, was not as severely broken as mine. After this many heart breaks, I think I might stop on the second book of all trilogies, especially dystopians…for now, that is.

Here are a few pictures that describe the emotions I felt when each of these characters were desecrated. Yes, desecrated.

my reaction

This was probably the expression on my face when Finnick died. The horse represents the Grim Reaper. You know who I am.

 bad news reaction

Here’s Linden…no words needed.


Basically the top picture is my denial, and the bottom is me realizing “you know what” hit the fan.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully inadvertently empathizing with me!

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