Legacy of the Clockwork Key by Kristin Bailey

legacy of the clockwork key by kristin bailey

“Legacy of the Clockwork Key” by Kristin Bailey

3 out of 5 stars.

Meg has been an orphan for six months when the book begins. Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock died in a fire that Meg started by accident, and she regrets every day that has passed since her mistake. But her guilt won’t bring them back though Meg wishes it would. Instead she is stuck in Lord Rathford’s luxurious, yet ludicrous, mansion. Every day Meg gets up early in the morning and she cleans the house like any ordinary maid, but what’s odd about her job is that she cleans but cannot put a thing out-of-place; Lord Rathford keeps his house in a particular state and set in a specific time, and if anything is set out of place, well… The teacup that was toppled over must always remain toppled, and Meg must clean the table, than refill the teacup so that when it tips onto its side, it will seem as if no time has passed, that it is really the same day over and over again. Meg doesn’t know why she has to do these things, yet she does them without question day after day. That is, until curiosity gets the better of her.

After one fateful night, secrets begin entrapping Meg on every side. Truth and lies start to surround her until up seems down and down appears to be up. Can Meg find out the truth about the key that hangs  like a noose around her neck. Or will she always wonder, “what if?” And is the stable boy, Will, someone she can trust completely with all her secrets?

“Legacy of the Clockwork Key” was an interesting new read for me; steampunk is something entirely new to my reading repertoire. I really liked the different aspect of new and old coming together, and it was fun. That being said, I didn’t fall in love with either of the main characters. Meg was fine but she just didn’t illicit much emotion from me, and Will was also fine, but I just didn’t care for either them that much. Oliver and Lucinda were a different story. I liked the history they had, and Oliver was funny and cute; I wish that they had been the main characters!

“Legacy of the Clockwork Key” was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it to steampunk lovers (I will reiterate the fact that I haven’t read any steampunk novels besides this one, but I did think it was pretty good), and readers who enjoy England, the 19th century, and science fiction. Overall I think it was a good book, but I’m not super passionate about it. I will most likely read the second book to see what happens to Lucinda and Oliver, but if they hadn’t been in it, I probably would not read the second book.

I hope this was a helpful review!


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