Erasing Time by C.J. Hill

c.j. hill

“Erasing Time” by C.J. Hill

3 out of 5 stars.

“Erasing Time” by C.J. Hill was a very enjoyable read. It starts right off with Sheridan and Taylor, Sheridan’s older twin, getting thrown four-hundred years into the future. The twins were never meant to be taken from what is now the past, instead a man named Tyler Sheerwood, an ingenious scientist, was meant to be brought to the future for some reason unknown to  the girls. Everything has changed four-hundred years into the future, and the world Sheridan and Taylor knew is now gone. English is no longer English, the government rules everything, and the people themselves are completely changed. The sisters wouldn’t even be able to communicate if it hadn’t been for Echo, the boy with blue hair.

After only a being in the future a little while, Sheridan and Taylor find that they will never be able to go back to their time again; you can take something from the past, but you can’t put it back. Ever. Their future is bleak, in this new, unknown world they were forced into, but neither Taylor nor Sheridan are willing to give up, especially when the stakes are so high, not just for themselves, but for the past and future.

“Erasing Time” was different for me; I’ve never encountered a time travel book as well as a dystopian, and I liked the change of scenery. Sheridan and Echo are the two main characters whose perspectives you read from; both were good sides to read. Sheridan was a pleasant female character to be inside of, and I didn’t ever really dislike being inside of her head. One of my favorite things in this book, though, was how Taylor and Sheridan talked to each other; the two of them begin hatching a plan to get out of the big city, but the government is always listening. It’s hard to do an escape plan when people hear every word you say.  But since the language barrier is so great between four-hundred years and the time they are stuck in, Taylor and Sheridan come up with a funny slang that is quite hilarious to read.

The time travel aspect was also interesting and I enjoyed it a lot, as well as C.J. Hill’s society. One area I thought this book was lacking in was the romance. I didn’t really care all that much about Echo, so it just didn’t elicit any emotion from me, and when a book doesn’t span over more than a week, it’s a little hard to believe in the romance. Other than that, “Erasing Time” was a well written, and enjoyable read.


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