The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

the statistical probability of love at first sight jennifer e smith

“The Statistical Probability of  Love at First Sight” by Jennifer E. Smith.

4 out of 5 stars.

Seconds. Minutes. Hours. One choice. All of these things can change your future and the future of your world. Every moment matters and Hadley Sullivan comes to know this all too well in “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.” A different choice here and there would have meant that she would now be on her way to England, about to witness one of the worst things to ever happen in the history of her life: her father’s wedding.

To some a wedding would seem to be a small (or large), joyous occasion, but to Hadley it means the world to her, at least the end of the world as she knows it. You see, it has been touch and go between Hadley and her father for quite a while now, especially since they were so close; the whole divorce thing definitely messed up her previously happy family. One summer trip to England was all it took to tip Hadley’s world upside down, and now she is going to be forced to witness her own father marrying a woman whom she had never even met! Ha! That will be just grand.

To top it all off (because of a few seemingly inconsequential choices) Hadley has missed her flight by mere minutes (four to be exact), and has to wait around the airport for another flight, which doesn’t seem all that appealing to Hadley. Three hours can seem like a few seconds to some people and like an eternity to others. Hadley would peg herself as belonging to the latter group, and she dreads the moment she will have to step from the airplane onto British soil. For Hadley it will mean the beginning of the end for the only family unit she has ever known to be solely her’s, the last proverbial nail in the coffin so to speak. But little does Hadley know that despite this bitter ending that there might just be an even sweeter beginning that awaits her arrival.


“The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight” by Jennifer E. Smith was…cute, sweet, funny, endearing, and heartwarming. My older sister (once again) recommended this book to me and it did not disappoint. I am not a huge fan of chick lit, but because my sister and I have pretty similar taste in books I gave it a shot, and look at me now! “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight” was a very enjoyable read and I was really surprised that I didn’t get bored with it; half of the novel is in a plane of all places, and then Hadley goes on to her dad’s wedding. You think it would be boring but I never was while reading this book! This wonderful read totally changed my attitude towards chick lit. I’m still not a huge follower of chick lit, but I am now much more willing to at least try those kinds of books out, and I won’t write them off just because of the genre they are placed in. And sometimes it can really pay off.

“The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight” deals with quite a few very difficult topics, but I think they were all handled fairly well. I had fun with this book and I was even a little teary-eyed at times, which says a lot about a book in my opinion. I also really liked the guy, Oliver, in it, and despite the fact that “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight” spans over only twenty-four hours, I felt connected to his character and thought he was a cute, nice person to read about.

Despite the fact that the characters got really attached to each other so quickly, I thought Hadley’s and Oliver’s relationship was sweet, and I think they were cute together. I didn’t ever feel like it was a forced romance. “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight” is a great read whether you are at a park, on a plane, or you just need something nice and fluffy to read. No muss, no fuss with this one. It is a quick, enjoyable read for young adults (it is supper clean and there is no language, which I totally respect). A great read! Loved it!




Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter (Heist Society #3)

ally carter perfect scoundrels

“Perfect Scoundrels” by Ally Carter

5 out of 5 stars.

Katarina and her crew are the newly famous thieves who broke into the Henley without detection, and who also successfully stole (and re-stole) the Cleopatra Emerald. Now they are up for their biggest heist yet: steal back one of their own. The stakes are high now that their one and only Hale has been misused, by his own family no less, and Kat intends to get to the bottom of this caper before she loses her friend and romantic interest completely.

Hazel Hale is W.W. Hale the Fifth’s grandmother. Well, that is until she dies. Mass chaos erupts in Hale’s family after grandma Hale passes away; not because of her passing but because Hazel was the sole owner of Hale Industries. The billion dollar question is: who will the company be passed down to? The answer to that question is the young, and underage, W.W. Hale the Fifth. Hale is completely taken aback by this announcement and so is the whole Hale family. Even more unexpected is when Marcus, Hale’s chauffeur and caregiver, comes to get Katarina. She is surprised when they arrive, instead of at her own home, at Marcus’ and his sister’s house. But Marcus hasn’t invited Kat for tea and crumpets. No, the older gentleman has a proposition for her: find the real, original will of Hazel Hale.

Marcus’ sister, Marianne, had worked for Hazel for over half a century and the two were fast friends; servant and mistress, but equals, too. Mrs. Hale had promised Marianne that she would take care of her for the rest of her life, even if Hazel went first. Marcus became suspicious when Marianne was not mentioned in the will that was read just hours before. Hazel Hale would not promise then not deliver. She was known to be a woman of her word, and something, someone must have tampered with the respected lady’s will to make Marianne disappear from it entirely.

It is Katarina Bishop’s mission to find out the truth about Hazel Hale’s will, but can she get to it before someone else does? And what about Hale, what’s happened to her Hale, and who is this stranger that has replaced him? Can Kat deliver what she has promised to Marcus and to herself, and can she mend the broken ties between her and Hale’s relationship? Can the rift cause by the lies of family, man’s greed, and the dishonesty between friends be mended? And will Katarina and her crew be able to take down this new, formidable foe that has the gall to take on the entire Bishop family?

“Perfect Scoundrels” by Ally Carter was fantastic. It was fun and new, and I loved the fact that there was more of Hale and Kat together. It had some really good moments, some sad moments, and some funny ones, too. The cast and crew were great as always and “Perfect Scoundrels” took me for a few interesting loops. I really liked it, and I do believe this and the first are my favorite books in the series so far. “Perfect Scoundrels” was the perfect pick-me-up on an uneventful weekend, and every moment spent reading its pages was lovely.

One of the things I liked about “Perfect Scoundrels” was how Kat and her family came together to protect and help Hale out; in this book, he really needed it! I also enjoyed seeing Hale’s and Katarina’s relationship grow, and how this book shows what lies and greed can do to even close (and not so close) families. It was heartwarming and fun, and just enjoyable fluff for when you’re feeling down. My only problem with “Perfect Scoundrels” was that Kat still does not know Hale’s full name. I’m still kind of shocked over that fact. Other than the whole name game, I loved this book and hopefully you will, too. “Perfect Scoundrels” was wonderful!!

iiiHale, just tell me your naaaaaaaame!!!!!!

gusYeah, it’s just that good.

Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter (Heist Society #2)

ally carter uncommon criminals

“Uncommon Criminals” by Ally Carter

4 out of 5 stars.

Katarina Bishop, along with her uncommon crew, has pulled off one of the biggest heists in history: successfully robbing the Henley. They made it out, too, without losing any crew members, and they even caught a very shady character in the process. Yep, all in a good day’s work… But in “Uncommon Criminals” the stakes are much, much higher. Kat had been enlisted by the elusive Visily Romani to steal the Cleopatra Emerald and return it to its rightful owners, the daughter of the Cleopatra’s founders.

As the story goes, the Cleopatra Emerald was founded by a married couple who had dedicated their lives to excavating ancient Egyptian tombs until one day they stumbled across the last Pharaoh’s tomb: Cleopatra’s tomb. Legend has it that there are two halves to the emerald, and it was split in half by Cleopatra. One half she kept for herself and the other half she gave to Marc Antony. The founders’ of Cleopatra’s tomb were lucky enough to have found one half of the emerald, Cleopatra’s half. But legend also has said that unless Antony’s Emerald and Cleopatra’s Emerald are reunited that the stones will only bring misfortune on anyone who has them. Sadly, the founders’ were the first to experience this misfortune.

When the wife went into labor she got very sick, and so the excavating was left to a college for two short weeks. Slimy man that he was, Mr. Kelley completely cleared the whole tomb and sold everything without ever examining the objects or recording their existence. The only thing Kelly kept was the Cleopatra Emerald, and as for the true excavators’, they were left with nothing. Everything that they had worked their whole lives for was sold, scattered in every which way never to be seen by the couple again.

The Emerald has not been seen in public for nearly thirty years, but Kat is determined to right the wrong done to this family, and really, what could go wrong? Everything, Kat and her crew soon find out, and it is only a matter of time before the “curse” catches up to them. There never was quite a heist like this, and Katarina and her crew are determined to right this wrong for the true family, as well as for their own. But can Katarina and her crew keep it together, or are the secrets Kat and Hale keep from each other going to ruin everything; is this job really worth losing his friendship? And will Kat be able to make her own wrongs right?

“Uncommon Criminals” was another job well done for Ally Carter. I really had fun reading this book, and thought that it was interesting while still being a fast enjoyable read; I never wanted to skip a page. The whole story was fun because it was a bit different from the “Heist Society”, which made it original, while still carrying on the old comradery and the previous theme of returning stolen art and jewelry to their rightful owners. I may not agree with Kat and her crew’s method of returning stolen objects, but it makes for a thoroughly entertaining story.

I also really enjoyed Gabrielle; she is kind of a psycho but she is very funny and entertaining to read about. Angus and Hamish were funny as usual, and I still liked Kat and Hale despite their lack of successful communication.  There wasn’t as much history in “Uncommon Criminals” as there was in the “Heist Society”, but I enjoyed reading about the Cleopatra Emerald. Fictitious as it may be, I still liked reading about the emerald and thought it was fun and different from the first book. “Uncommon Criminals” was interesting, and I liked learning some of Katarina’s family history, and some of her relatives are quite…eccentric. Overall I think for me, the first is my favorite so far in this series, but “Uncommon Criminals” was a fantastic read, too. I absolutely loved it!


Heist Society by Ally Carter (Heist Society #1)

ally carter Heist Society

“Heist Society” by Ally Carter

5 out of 5 stars.

“Heist Society” begins with Katarina Bishop getting kick out of Colgan School for something she did not do; she’s done a lot of things but putting the Headmaster’s Porsche on top of a fountain… really? First of all she wouldn’t have been caught on camera committing vandalism, and on top of that the whole job was just too cliché for her, much too obvious for her style.

Kat would have been just fine with taking the fall for something she had done, but to be framed… so not cool! Katarina would have liked to have told Colgan School the truth but that would have implicated her in a completely different way; forging your way into the most prestigious school in the United States might be slightly incriminating. All Kat had wanted was a fresh start, away from the family business. But for poor Katarina, it seems she will never be able to get out of the net her family has so intricately wound around themselves and her.

Back on the road with her friend and billionaire, Hale, Kat finds herself in the middle of something for more dangerous and mysterious than your average pick pocket job. With her family’s and friends’ lives hanging in the balance, Katarina must pull off the biggest heist in her family’s history: rob the Henley museum in England, and return the stolen paintings to their own who just so happens to be a mobster… No big deal right? But there is more than meets the eye to this heist, and can Kat finish this job and move on with her life, or is she forever doomed to steal instead of own her own destiny? And how can she leave her family if she decides to quit the business? And what about Hale, her best friend who seems to have become much more to Kat than she ever thought possible?

Wonderful. Fabulous. Amazing. These are three words I would use when describing “Heist Society” by Ally Carter. I have waited forever for a new, fabulous and amazing book like this; I was getting a little scared that I wouldn’t have another book for quite a while to write a review on. But alas, there finally came along a book that absolutely surpassed all my expectations; they may have been significantly lowered from waiting for so long, but that is completely beside the point. The “Heist Society” is well written, entertaining from beginning to end, and was the perfect kind of fluff. Just what the doctor prescribed. I enjoyed every minute of this endearing and fun story, and look forward to future installments in this series.

“Heist Society” was so wonderful. I just sat down and read the whole thing in one sitting. It was interesting, fun, and I thought the travels as well as the bits of history woven throughout the story were fantastic. I found the whole history of the Nazi’s stealing different peoples’ art pieces fascinating and it really opened up my eyes to just how horrible they were to anyone who disagreed with their philosophies. It is a very interesting history lesson that they don’t go into too much depth on when you’re in school.

I also really enjoyed Kat as a character. I haven’t found a nice, funny, intelligent heroine in ages, if ever, and that was absolutely refreshing! Kat was awesome, and her and Hale together were just great; the whole gang in general was so much fun, and they all were thoroughly entertaining. “Heist Society” might not be for everyone but I know that I LOVED it. This book was just pure, clean, enjoyable fun. I think that if you like a little mystery, a sprinkle of romance, a bit history, and a lot of fun and well written fluff, than I think you would really enjoy this YA book very much.