Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter (Heist Society #3)

ally carter perfect scoundrels

“Perfect Scoundrels” by Ally Carter

5 out of 5 stars.

Katarina and her crew are the newly famous thieves who broke into the Henley without detection, and who also successfully stole (and re-stole) the Cleopatra Emerald. Now they are up for their biggest heist yet: steal back one of their own. The stakes are high now that their one and only Hale has been misused, by his own family no less, and Kat intends to get to the bottom of this caper before she loses her friend and romantic interest completely.

Hazel Hale is W.W. Hale the Fifth’s grandmother. Well, that is until she dies. Mass chaos erupts in Hale’s family after grandma Hale passes away; not because of her passing but because Hazel was the sole owner of Hale Industries. The billion dollar question is: who will the company be passed down to? The answer to that question is the young, and underage, W.W. Hale the Fifth. Hale is completely taken aback by this announcement and so is the whole Hale family. Even more unexpected is when Marcus, Hale’s chauffeur and caregiver, comes to get Katarina. She is surprised when they arrive, instead of at her own home, at Marcus’ and his sister’s house. But Marcus hasn’t invited Kat for tea and crumpets. No, the older gentleman has a proposition for her: find the real, original will of Hazel Hale.

Marcus’ sister, Marianne, had worked for Hazel for over half a century and the two were fast friends; servant and mistress, but equals, too. Mrs. Hale had promised Marianne that she would take care of her for the rest of her life, even if Hazel went first. Marcus became suspicious when Marianne was not mentioned in the will that was read just hours before. Hazel Hale would not promise then not deliver. She was known to be a woman of her word, and something, someone must have tampered with the respected lady’s will to make Marianne disappear from it entirely.

It is Katarina Bishop’s mission to find out the truth about Hazel Hale’s will, but can she get to it before someone else does? And what about Hale, what’s happened to her Hale, and who is this stranger that has replaced him? Can Kat deliver what she has promised to Marcus and to herself, and can she mend the broken ties between her and Hale’s relationship? Can the rift cause by the lies of family, man’s greed, and the dishonesty between friends be mended? And will Katarina and her crew be able to take down this new, formidable foe that has the gall to take on the entire Bishop family?

“Perfect Scoundrels” by Ally Carter was fantastic. It was fun and new, and I loved the fact that there was more of Hale and Kat together. It had some really good moments, some sad moments, and some funny ones, too. The cast and crew were great as always and “Perfect Scoundrels” took me for a few interesting loops. I really liked it, and I do believe this and the first are my favorite books in the series so far. “Perfect Scoundrels” was the perfect pick-me-up on an uneventful weekend, and every moment spent reading its pages was lovely.

One of the things I liked about “Perfect Scoundrels” was how Kat and her family came together to protect and help Hale out; in this book, he really needed it! I also enjoyed seeing Hale’s and Katarina’s relationship grow, and how this book shows what lies and greed can do to even close (and not so close) families. It was heartwarming and fun, and just enjoyable fluff for when you’re feeling down. My only problem with “Perfect Scoundrels” was that Kat still does not know Hale’s full name. I’m still kind of shocked over that fact. Other than the whole name game, I loved this book and hopefully you will, too. “Perfect Scoundrels” was wonderful!!

iiiHale, just tell me your naaaaaaaame!!!!!!

gusYeah, it’s just that good.


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