Andi Unexpected by Amanda Flower

andi unexpected 2

“Andi Unexpected” by Amanda Flower

Publishing Company: Zonderkidz

Release Date: September 24th, 2013

 Andi, short for Andora, is a smart and curious young girl who has just lost both of her parents. Now orphans, Andi and her sister, Bethany, must move to their eccentric Aunt Amelia’s house in Killdeer, Ohio. Andi and Bethany find themselves to be in the middle of nowhere, and Bethany is none too pleased about it.

Andi and Bethany have always been opposites. In everything. And despite the fact that their parents are gone, their relationship hasn’t changed for the better. A cold shoulder is what Andi gets; she doesn’t even understand why Bethany is so angry at her. Their mom and dad had always paid more attention to their scientific studies than their children, but when Mr. and Mrs. Boggs actually noticed them, it was Bethany that caught their attention. Bethany is an artist; Andi is an aspiring scientist. Apparently her parents thought that there was enough scientific thought in their house, and so Andi got ignored. She knows that they loved her, but it would have been nice to have been noticed once in a while for something she had accomplished. But all said and done, it didn’t matter anymore. No take backs.

Despite being an orphan, Andi bounces back; she not the same, but she wants to keep going and move forward with life, and that also includes getting out of Bethany’s space. Aunt Amelia offers a solution: clean up the attic and it is all Andi’s. One problem: it’s a complete and utter mess. It is an intimidating task, cleaning out decades of junk, but Andi is more than willing to do anything to get out of her shared (and not so shared) room. But Andi soon discovers that there is a lot more than old junk in the attic, and she is about to get a lot more than she bargained for with this treasure.

With the help of her aunt’s neighbor’s grandson, Colin, they unearth untold secrets of the Boggs family tree. No one in Andi’s family line was ever named Andora except for her, or at least she thought that until Colin and her found the big baby chest in Amelia’s house. The two are so excited with their finds that they begin searching high and low for any information on one Andora Boggs. With the help of Colin, Andi hopes to figure out why this Andora was left out off her family history lessons. But will she and Colin be able to find out the truth about this previous Andora Boggs, or is someone with darker motives willing to stop them from finding out the truth? Are they really ready to discover these long dead family secrets, or are some things just better left buried?

Thanks so much Zondervan and Charleen for sending me an ARC copy of “Andi Unexpected.”

“Andi Unexpected” by Amanda Flower was such a cute read. It was very, very well written, it was fast paced, and was so much fun to read. I would definitely recommend this to kids, and I wish that it had been written when I was just starting to get interested in books.  I even enjoyed it now! Andi is a strong, fun character with brains and whit, and it was so fun to read about her. All of the characters were fun to read about, and it was interesting to see how each of them grew as people. Colin was one of my favorites; he was just adorable.

“Andi Unexpected” was a great book, and it had a really cute ending with a good moral to it.  I would definitely recommend this to any kid who’s looking for a light, entertaining read.


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