Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover by Ally Carter (Gallagher Girls #3)

don't judge a girl by her cover ally carter

“Don’t Jude a Girl by Her Cover” by Ally Carter

4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Ahhhhh, winter break of junior year should be fun, shouldn’t it? Well, sadly not in Cameron Morgan’s and Macey McHenry’s case…

Macey’s father is aspiring to be the next vice president of the United States, and that means she must be on her best behavior. That means no talking back (while on camera of course), no running off-screen or doing anything “crazy” (while on camera), and she must be the perfect model of the perfect American child who has the perfect All American family. So, basically, Macey McHenry needs to lie on national television about who she and her family really are from this day forward if Mr. Winters is elected president and her father becomes vice president.

No fun, no games. That’s what it sounds like to Macey, but she I hopeful that she will still be able to have fun and be herself (in some ways) despite all of this masquerading in front of the public eye (and on television) with Cammie the Chameleon at her side. Maybe Cam could even share a little of her street skills if the need to disappear ever arises. Macey doesn’t even realize just how much and how soon she and Cammie are going to need those skills.

Sadly, for the two girls, their fun is ended abruptly when they are cornered by an extremely coordinated tactical group on a deserted roof in Boston. Cammie and Macey fight for their lives and barely make it away from their would-be kidnappers. Outside of a broken arm and some bruises and scrapes, Cammie and Macey are relatively okay; their bodies fared better than their minds. But they aren’t out of danger yet, not even close. There is a price on Macey McHenry’s head, and it must be paid. In full.

“Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover” by Ally Carter was another home run. Mrs. Carter just seems to create books that get better and better as her series go on, and the “Gallagher Girl” series is no exception. The second book in this series was great; it had humor, adventure, and a tinsy bit of romance in it, but “Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover” was even more enjoyable than its predecessor.

The characters in this book were great as usual! Cammie was very entertaining (no surprise there), and it was nice to get to know Macey a bit more and to see how her family functioned as a whole (function is a relative word for how her family runs). It made me understand and like her a lot more than I already did. She had to be what her parents wanted her to be instead of just being herself, which is a good person just not a perfect one.

Bex, Liz, and the whole cast and crew of the Gallagher Academy were great and super entertaining. Liz is such a sweetheart with a head full of brains (in more than one respect), but she is a little clumsy and awkward too, which makes for quite a few laughs. Bex is also very amusing, and I like her as the crazy, adventurous friend that you can always count on having your back physically, while Liz will back you up technologically. These four Gallagher Girls have a very symbiotic relationship, to be sure, and it creates for a very funny and entertaining environment as a reader. Another aspect of “Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover” that I really liked was that it was a very engrossing read. I never felt bored or like the story lagged at any point; it was well written and paced from beginning to end, and I just loved it.

Last but not least, the romance. As I said in a previous review, Cammie and her friends are growing up, and so is/are the love interest(s). We’ll use Zachary Goode as an example since he is the main “man” in this book. To be honest with you, I wasn’t that impressed with him in the second book (I liked him but wasn’t in love with the character since I didn’t really know anything about him), but he really does grow on you as the series progresses. At least that was how it was for me. In “Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover” he was present in about half of the book, I’d say, so you don’t get THAT much of him and Cammie together but it gives you enough time to figure out that he has a lot more secrets than you (probably) originally thought. I like his and Cammie’s relationship because it is not insta-love at all. Yay!! I admire Ally for doing that and for them not being obsessed with each other; Cam and Zach really like each other, but their circumstances and personality types do not lead to obsession . Overall Zach Goode is a very interesting and mysterious character that I am looking forward to discovering more about in the next installments of the “Gallagher Girl” series. I loved it! A LOT.

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