Out of Sight, Out of Time by Ally Carter (Gallagher Girls #5)

out of sight, out of time ally carter

“Out of Sight, Out of Time” by Ally Carter

5 out of 5 stars.

Beware, this review does have a few spoilers.

At the end of “Only the Good Spy Young”, Cammie had decided to leave her school, home, and family and friends far behind (for their own safety), and she began to follow the bread crumbs leading her to the Circle of Cavan; she has to destroy them before they get what they want from her and they hurt the ones she loves. She needs to stop them before it is too late. But Cammie is in way over her head, and she is going to need all the help she can get in “Out of Sight, Out of Time.”

Cameron Morgan is a spy (fine, spy in training). She has been called a chameleon for obvious reasons, and she has one of the sharpest minds at the Gallagher Academy for Girls. But this isn’t a mission Cammie could have ever prepared for inside or outside of the classroom, and this is definitely not Gillian Gallagher’s Academy. Worst of all, though, is that Cam can’t remember a thing about how she arrived at the convent in the Alps, banged and bruised up, and how she has no recollection of what happened in the past four months. How could she lose that much time when she already has so little?

Cameron Morgan has so many questions: (1) how did she get to the convent in the Alps having sustained so many injuries?, (2) why is she even there?, and (3) how could four months just disappear from her memory? But Cam has no one to answer any of these questions, questions that just keep piling up inside her head. She is lost, afraid and alone (minus the whole convent of women) and she needs help. More specifically, she needs her friends’ and family’s help. After a quick phone call and a long flight, Cammie is escorted back inside of the Gallagher Academy’s walls, but there is very little relief in her arrival home because things are not as they used to be, as they should be. She was the one to change it all, her running away having caused all this, but the coldness of her friends still stings. Cam doesn’t blame them, but it hurts, and the emptiness she feels when asked about the past summer just makes it all worse. She realizes now that by running away she lost her friends and has nothing to show for leaving. Cam had wanted to protect them and instead she lost them in another way. But Cammie is a fighter, and she will do anything and go anywhere to find out what happened to her during those lost months. She has to make it all right again.

Cammie and her friends have a long journey ahead of them in “Out of Sight, Out of Time.” Things seem to get worse as the days pass for this team but they are determined to bring the Circle down before it is too late. As things begin to come into the light and some of Cam’s memories are recovered, Cammie will discover that some things are best left forgotten. Especially when they involve the Circle.

“Out of Sight, Out of Time” by Ally Carter was another great read! This is definitely the more “dark” book of the series and the most intense so far, and it was great. The plot thickens (yes, it thickens further) is this book, and it was interesting to read from the perspective of someone who is a victim of amnesia. I have only read one other book about someone with a case memory loss that was most likely caused by a traumatic event, and Ally Carter did such a good job writing that kind of emotionally and mentally compromised person. She also wrote really good mystery and intrigue into this book, and it kept you guessing until the very end of “Out of Sight, Out of Time.”

One of the things I really liked about this book was that everyone (Zach, Bex, Liz, Cammie’s Mom and Aunt Abby, Macey, and even Agent Townsend) was working together to figure out why the Circle had taken Cammie, and what they had done to her while she was missing. They backtracked to all the places Cam went to, which included Italy, to see if they could retrieve whatever it was that the Circle had taken and what Cammie had lost her memory protecting. It was very entertaining to see all of their personalities be so present in the storyline.

Zach was one of my favorite characters in this book. He was in it practically 24/7, so I was able to get a feel for his character, and I began to like him more and more as the book progressed. He still had his secrets, but there was more to him than all those hidden things and I liked finally seeing something other than his secrets; I got to see him as he really was. I also enjoyed his a Cammie’s relationship a bit more in this book than the others because they are going on missions together in “Out of Sight, Out of Time”, and it was nice to see them work together. I really hope that in the last book, Ally Carter resolves some of the last-minute issues that arose in this book between Cam and Zach.

Overall, “Out of Sight, Out of Time” was a great, fast read. It was super interesting and it felt a bit different from the previous books, but it still kept the ongoing theme. “Out of Sight, Out of Time” was also really good for the fact that the characters all stayed true to themselves, but they grew and changed as the book went on; they were still the same people I had met in book one, yet better somehow. It was very fun and very original, and I also loved that the background characters took the front seat alongside Cammie and Zach. A wonderful and fantastic read and I LOVED it! I cannot wait until I get “United We Spy”!



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