Pivot Point by Kasie West

pivot point kasie west

“Pivot Point” by Kasie West

4 out of 5 stars.

Addison Coleman lives in the Compound, a place where the supernaturally gifted can dwell safely, and without the threat of the outside world knowing what they can do. Addie has grown up with a Discerner  (AKA a lie detector) for a father and a mother who has the power of persuasion. Yeah, Addison has never had any choice but to tell the truth and do her mothers bidding, but it isn’t all bad. They’re good parents and her life it pretty good inside of the Compound’s dome despite the unconventionality of it all. But Addie’s safe and happy world is shattered when her parents announce, quite unexpectedly she might add, that they are getting a divorce. How could Addie not see this coming?

Despite them trying to work it out, Mr. and Mrs. Coleman are going their separate ways and Addie is now stuck in the middle, and to make matters even worse than they already are, her dad tells her than he is moving. But it is not a short move to another house in the Compound like Addison had hope. Instead her father has decided to join the regular world and to dwell among the Norms. And Addie has to choose: stay in the Compound, the only place she has ever called home, with her mother, or venture out into the Norms’ world with her dad?

Now is the perfect time for Addison to use her ability, and so she decides to live out the two different choices her parents gave her life for six weeks in the hopes that she will be able to see which choice will be best in the end. But Addie soon finds that her choice could not only affect herself but also the people she loves, some of whom she has yet to meet. Will Addie make the right choice or the easy one?

I loved “Pivot Point” by Kasie West so much! I would normally think that this kind of book would be a slower read because it isn’t really a “fast-paced” story, but I was proved wrong because I ended up reading it really fast and enjoying it a ton. I really liked reading about Addie’s journey and seeing how one choice can so massively change your future as well as the futures of the people around you, even if you haven’t met them yet. It was fun to see the butterfly effect in motion.

Addie is a very enjoyable heroine to be inside of; she was so endearing and cute that I never minded reading from her perspective. Addie is a kind of funny and awkward too, so that made the character feel all the more “real” and easy to get attached to. I also liked how Kasie West had the two different futures switch back and forth with each chapter because it really kept me reading and quickened the pace of what would normally be a more mellow read. I am personally fond of the Addie who choice to live with her dad. I found that she turned out to be the better “Addie” in the book, but the sacrifices each Addie had to make were still very interesting despite my partiality.

All of the characters in “Pivot Point” are all really well done, but I think my favorite characters (besides Addie) were Addie’s dad and Trevor.

Trevor was a really good guy character. I liked how Kasie wrote his and Addie’s relationship because, for Addie, it wasn’t about “catching” the guy. Addie sat down next to Trevor during a football game because it was an open seat, and then they struck up a conversation. And the reason Addie starts hanging out with Trevor is because she wants a friend, but then it grows from there as the story goes along. Their relationship was cute because they started out friends and then it grew into something more, instead of it starting out as an obsessive pursuit for the girl/guy like in other teen books these days. No insta-love in this book. YAY!! That fact alone makes me want to give Kasie four stars!!!!!

thumbs up supernatural

Relationshipiness aside, Trevor is a pretty freaking great guy. He is your sweet, friendly, cookie-cutter Texan boy who’s repspectful of the girl, and loves football. Yeah, he’s just that awesome. But, besides the whole sweet thing, he is a really good guy and he had surprising depth for being a goody-two-shoes kind of character, and nearing the last couple of chapters he does something very sacrificial for Addie, which helps her to make a very hard, but good, decision.


Yay for Kasie making a selfless (and smart) main guy character!

The last thing I wan to comment on is that, despite the fact that I would classify this as a “fluff” book, as you get near the end “Pivot Point” get quite exciting and I was rushing to finish it. The book ends well, but it also ends a little sad


and that makes me anxious for the next book in this trilogy, “Split Second”, to come out so I can see how Kasie West fixes all the problems made at the end of “Pivot Point.”

“Pivot Point” is a great book. No, I take that back. “Pivot Point” is fabulous because it is sweet, fluffy, and delicious all wrapped up into one book! I really respected Addie as a character (and Kasie West) for what she had to sacrifice for someone she loved, and it makes me look forward to the next book, which comes out in February! Overall, a great, fun, and light read! Loved it!

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