Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi (Shatter Me #2)

I had reviewed this book a long time ago and had wanted to revise it, but ended up accidentally (kind of) deleting it. So here is my new, and hopefully, improved “Unravel Me” review.

unravel me

“Unravel Me” by Tahereh Mafi

5 out of 5 stars.

Juliette Ferrars has been through a lot is her seventeen years of being “alive”; just because you are breathing in and out doesn’t mean you’re really alive. Juliette has waited forever for someone to look at her and see a young girl instead of a monster. But no one ever has because all they see is the wicked girl who hurts people rather than the rejected teen that she really is. Was.

Her life finally changed (and so did her luck) when Adam reappeared in her life and saved her from the Reestablishment. Saved her from Warner. It was, and is, not without its difficulties, but Juliette feels that for once in her life she can really truly belong somewhere, with these people who aren’t so different from her. But that was yesterday, and a lot of things have changed since then, ridiculous as that may seem.

Warner has been searching for Juliette ever since she escaped with Adam. His ceaseless search for her is causing Omega Point to be on high alert at all times, and she realizes that her presence there could put everyone she cares about in danger. This fact is also affecting those who she doesn’t know so well, and they look at as if if she is a bomb ready to detonate at any moment, and destroy all they know and love.

Why can’t Warner just leave her be? She’ll refuses to be like him, she will never become the monster he wants to turn her into! But while on a scavenge hunt for Omega Point, Juliette sees Warner and she is utterly shocked by what her eyes are telling her brain. There is so much more to this boy than she ever realized. What kind of person would she be if she didn’t give this boy, who is a messed up kid that was never given love or affection of any kind, who’s been caged (in his own way) by society and labeled a monster because of things he’s done, a chance? She was never given a second chance; what she did was an accident, and she was still punished and labeled a monster because of it. Juliette realizes that she would be just like those people if she doesn’t give Warner a second chance, and that maybe, just maybe, the two of them aren’t so different after all.

Gosh, I don’t know how I should review this book. Half of me wants to scream like the fangirl that I am, and the other half of me wants to write an eloquent review that would do it some justice. My problem: I can’t describe this book in a blog post well enough to actually do it justice even if I was the most talented writer that there ever was (and I am sooooo far from that kind of writer that it is freaking’ ridiculous), and therein lies my dilemma. I guess that I will just have to fangirl to the best of my ability (I am good at that), and hopefully you’ll still want to read this fabulous book after I have completely embarrassed myself with my fangirling.

I had read “Shatter Me” about a year and a few months ago soon after my sister had recommended it to me, and I really liked it. Tahereh has a very unique style of writing that I had never experienced before as a reader, and I thought that the strike-throughs really helped me to understand the state of mind Juliette was in during the book. “Shatter Me” was a very impressive debut, and I enjoyed it a lot, but I didn’t quite fangirl over it (this was before I discovered for myself what the word meant). Yet.

It was the day of my cousin’s wedding when I started to read “Unravel Me.” It was a few weeks after the book had come out, and my sister had just gotten it in from the library. Although she was SUPER excited to read it, my sister was unable to do so, and she generously passed the “torch” down to me. I expected “Unravel Me” to be good like the first book (by this time, “Shatter Me” and Warner had definitely grown on me, and my inner fangirl had finally begun to bloom), but I got WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY more than I could have ever anticipated.

Fangirl is a very mild word for how much I loved this book. I was so shocked and impressed by this book that it was hard to process. “Unravel Me” is four-hundred and sixty-one pages. Usually a book that size takes me about two to three days to finish. With “Unravel Me” I had sixty pages left by the end of the night, and that included going to the dentist, doing school, attending a wedding at five o’clock, and finally arriving home a ten or eleven with sore muscles from dancing to classic sixties music. I think that there have only been about three books where I have read that much that fast, and “Unravel Me” is one of them. I couldn’t get enough of this book!

Juliette is a very engaging female character, and I like being in her head. She has her moody moments but I am okay with them because of the way Tahereh writes the psychology of Juliette (the other characters are included in this assessment as well). Her pain, fear, and desires are all painted so vividly that you can imagine the torment that this character has experienced as if they were a real person. I really liked how Tahereh made the character(s) so real and flawed, but having them retain some of their humanity as well; Juliette is flawed and broken, but somehow she still has a good heart. Juliette might be one of my favorite heroines for the fact that she has a good heart, and that she is such a strong individual (sometimes without realizing it) while not being domineering or annoying.


harry one direction

I feel like Tahereh is going to kill him off in “Ignite Me”, or else he will just lose to Adam. The thought of him dying/losing literally makes me nauseous. But I don’t care (for right now) because I love him and I hope that he wins; he and Juliette belong together, and in the wise words of Demi Lovato, Warner and Juliette are “two pieces of a broken heart.” They are both broken in such a way that their pieces will make a perfect and whole heart. *SOBS*

Besides me wanting him and Juliette to end up together, I just love Warner. “Unravel Me” is Warner’s book in my opinion, and you see so much of who heĀ really is in it. I read “Destroy Me” after I had read “Unravel Me”, and I almost wish I had read it before “Unravel Me” for the fact that his novella answered some crazy questions, and helped to explain why Warner did the things he did in “Shatter Me.” The novella really helps you to see the other side of him while you read “Unravel Me”. I definitely recommend reading the novella before the second book, but to be quite frank with you, I LOVED Warner in “Unravel Me” without read “Destroy Me” beforehand; obviously it is an amazing novella and should definitely be read by Mafi lovers, but I didn’t need it in order for him to steal my heart. But seriously, read the novella if you want to try this series because it lets you see Warner as he is, not how the Juliette from “Shatter Me” perceives him. While reading the novella I just wanted give him a hug and tell him that he has a whole fandom that loves him…

I know that there are a TON of Adam fans as well as Warner fans, but to be honest, I was never an Adam fan, even in the beginning. Sure, he seemed like a nice guy, but I was actually reading the book because I wanted to see how Juliette’s story ended, not who she ended up with. That was until I read “Unravel Me” and met the real Warner. Be warned: Warner comes off a little…evil in the first book, but give him a chance and I think you’ll REALLY like him. He starts off kind of like the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast”, but then you see this other side to him, how he acts around Juliette (their conversations are AMAZING. Words mean everything to both Juliette and Warner, but she and Adam, they don’t have that with each other), and (for me) I really started rooting for him, and hoping that he would change his ways and become the good person he can be. Juliette believes in him, and so do I.

This book is amazing and heartbreaking and beautiful, and I love it. Tahereh has a gift for making her characters seem so real that you feel whatever they are feeling, and you want them all to have a happy endings. It is a great book, and you should definitely try it out if you enjoy dystopian or YA fiction. Great book!!