Once Upon a Time

Sorry, guys, about the lack of book posts lately. Sadly, I haven’t found a good book to read in over a month. But, alas, I have not despaired (yet) because of a magical show (no pun intended) called “Once Upon a Time.” I have watched all of season three (up until the newest episode), and I have enjoyed it quite a bit, but it was just in the last couple of weeks that I really got into the show. Me and my sisters started watching a few episodes every night, and it has been so much fun going through it again. It has been a while since I’ve had something to really fangirl over; I was a bit out of shape there for a while, but now I’m once again a full-time, high functioning fangirl. My favorite thing to fangirl over has to be Captain Swan (Emma Swan and Captain Hook (Colin O’ Donoghue), if you didn’t already know). The chemistry between those two characters is epic. Plus, he’s pretty fantastic all by himself.  I mean, come on, look at him.

captain hook

*SWOON* How could you not fangirl over this handsome, charming, and very misguided pirate who has a heart of gold? And have you seen his hair?

captain hook


I realize he was super EVIL in season two and that he was a total misogynist (he stopped that bent, thankfully, when season three started), and only interested in helping himself. Why I like him now is because he redeemed himself in season three, and because I have a weakness for character growth and cheeky pirates. Call me crazy, but I’m shipping Captain Swan all the way into the Winner’s Circle.

captain hook8

P.S. This will be me if Captain Swan doesn’t pan out.



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