Red At Night by Katie McGarry

Red at Night Katie McGarry

“Red At Night” by Katie McGarry

5 out of 5 stars.

Yay! I finally read a new book ! I just loved Katie McGarry’s “Red At Night.” It was a hundred page novella, and every second of  it was amazing. I felt connected to each of the main character’s despite the shortness of this e-book, and although I wished it had lasted longer, I felt really satisfied afterwards, like it was somehow complete. Not all the issues are resolved but you know that the people in the book are going to keep trying to be better versions of themselves, and not be afraid to hope for something better in the future than they’ve known in the past.

I just loved every minute of this book and I can’t stop gushing over it! So, here’s some pictures that describe what I was feeling while I read this novella.

fangirlIt’s magical…

thor loki 3right in the FEELS…

scrubs 2and this was me by the end of it.

And then I realized that there was a chapter of Katie’s next book, “Take Me On”, in the back.


Oh, gosh, I’m hyperventilating! SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!




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