Winter by Marissa Meyer: Release Delay

This morning I read something about Marissa Meyer’s book, “Winter,” being released nine months later than it should be. It was supposed to come out in February of 2015, but now it is set for November. My reactions to this discovery:

shockedI was quite shocked since it was supposed to come out in February,

jack sparrowthen I started to calculate how long my wait from “Cress” to “Winter” will be, and I started to scream internally…

frozen disneythen I was like, what the **** is happening to make her delay it so long?!

sheldonCrap, it’s sinking in (again) that it’s a year and five months until this book comes out.

Supernatural blahI am also wondering why Marissa had enough time to write a novella if “Winter” is so delayed? We want “Winter” not another novella/miniature book. We don’t have time for this!!

angstI miss Thorne already…

schmidt new girl 1If “Winter” is delayed into 2016, I am gonna be really angry.

not funnyI wonder if they (authors) find our pain funny, or something? Well, it’s not.

little mermaid 2I wonder if authors know what we go through for them?

Please forgive the rant, but I can’t take this from authors anymore.  I love Marissa Meyer dearly, but I find this to be cruel of her and her publisher to make us wait so long, and I hope that by the time “Winter” comes out I’ll still be into this series. Tastes change a lot in a year or two, and I hope for Marissa’s sake (and mine) that we’ll all still care about the story that has yet to be finished.


5 thoughts on “Winter by Marissa Meyer: Release Delay

  1. i love your post sooo much:) i know it’s been a super long time since you have posted this. but I’m currently obsessed for Winter to finally be released. And this post literally made my day. It’s so near I can pass out.

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