Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburne

Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburne book

“Midnight Thief” by Livia Blackburne

4 out of 5 stars.

Kyra has always been a scraper. Growing up on the streets of Forge has taught her how to live on very little and to take what she can whenever she has the chance. She lives the life of a thief, but it is better than the life she lived as a child, being hungry, cold, and a target for anyone bigger than her. Kyra eventually figured out how to use her small size to her advantage by climbing high to places no one else in the city can reach. She uses her talent to earn coin for food and shelter, and a very prominent person comes to Kyra, offering her a deal that is impossible for her to refuse.

Life seems to be going all right for Kyra until fierce creatures begin to attack Forge. As chaos erupts in the city and Kyra must align herself with people she would not trust in normal circumstances. With her world crumbling down around her, Kyra must decide who she will trust and which master she will obey. Can she save her family and herself, or is everyone in Forge doomed because of what she has done?

A little bit ago me and my sisters had heard that Barnes and Noble was doing a book panel for authors that we had heard of, but had not had the chance to read yet. We ended up going and we had SO much fun; it was our first time going to a book panel/signing and it was a super fun experience. Livia Blackburne was one of the authors present and I really liked her because she seemed like a very cool but down to earth person. After the whole book discussion was over, people were invited to come and get their books signed by the authors, and my sister went up to a couple of them to chat for a minute. I kinda trailed behind my sister, wondering if I should buy Livia’s book and have it signed. I probably looked like an idiot because I circled the different authors’ table with my sister while contemplating whether I should buy a copy of “Midnight Thief.” I really wanted to, but once we got to Livia’s side of the table, I totally chickened out and walked right past her.


Apparently I need to work on my people skills when in public! Despite my lacking social skills, though, I eventually got up the courage to go and pick out a book and circle back around to have it signed by Livia. I am very happy that I did because I now have a signed copy of a book that I really like! That day ended up being a super cool experience and I now have a little souvenir to remind me of it. Okay, on to the actual book.

I was surprised by how much I rooted for Kyra. There are not a lot of heroines that I connect with in books and so I do not care that much about what happens in their story, but Kyra was one of the exceptions to the majority; she was one of the girls that I wanted to see succeed by beating her own inner demons. Kyra was a girl with a troubled past and a harsher personality, but I loved her struggle between doing what was right and choosing what was easy. Kyra had to make a bunch of really tough choices and she made a lot of mistakes along the way, but in the end I felt like she was determined to do what was right for everyone around her rather than just for herself. *Claps hands* Livia Blackburne, thank you for creating a heroine with actual character growth! I am definitely looking forward to seeing where Kyra goes and how Livia will resolve all of the issues that were present at the end of the “Midnight Thief.”

 Tristam was one of the main guy characters in “Midnight Thief,” and I was surprised by how much I liked him. Was I in love with the character? No, not yet, but I liked him a lot and  he was a really interesting and solid character. “Midnight Thief” alternated between Tristam’s and Kyra’s perspectives, and it was nice to see the guy’s point of view as well as the girl’s; I wish that there had been a hair more of Tristam’s point of view added into this book so I could get to know him better, but I still ended up liking him. He was a great male character who had a good presence, and I am looking forward to getting to know him more in the next book.

James was a very interesting secondary character who almost seemed like a “main” character because of how involved he was in the plot; he wasn’t always present, but he played an important role in Kyra’s life. From the summary of the book you know he is the leader of the Assassins Guild and that he is a very skilled assassin. I was greatly intrigued by his character and am curious as to where he came from, and who he was before the story of “Midnight Thief” began. There’s a novella about his life before this book called “Poison Study” and I got the kindle version, so eventually I will read it. James was very layered and mysterious and I wanted to pick him apart so I could understand more about him; it will be interesting to see what Livia does to this character in the next book.

I was not expecting to like “Midnight Thief” as much as I did. I knew I would enjoy it, but since I’m not the hugest high fantasy fan, I was going in with few expectations. I was beyond pleasantly surprised, and I am definitely going to finish this series. Livia Blackburne is a great writer and I look forward to seeing works from her in the future. Love it!


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