The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski Is Here!

Last night something very, very magical happened: “The Winner’s Crime” by Marie Rutkoski came via UPS.


I went full-on squealing fangirl from the front door, down the hall, and into my sister’s room. Once I reached her room, we fangirled together.

100 % fangirl once upon a timeAlright, now that you know how I responded and understand how precious Marie’s books are to me and my sister, here’s a peek at what they look like.

IMG_0002 - Copy ……


The new paperback of “The Winner’s Curse” is so amazing looking, and it has the same map that’s behind it inside the book. “The Winner Crime” ARC…*sighs*… is gorgeous, and I already started reading it. Alright, I betting get back to reading so I can review it!


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