Cover Reveal: Winter by Marissa Meyer

Okay, I know this is kind of sad, but I’m not all that interesting in “Winter” by Marissa Meyer. “The Lunar Chronicles” should have been finished this February, but instead us readers have to wait until November. Eight months are left until I can even get my hands on a copy, and that is very frustrating. *sigh* I find it sad that it got delayed, either by the author or publisher, that far out, and I am already losing interest in how Marissa will finish “The Lunar Chronicles.” Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED and still love “Cress,” but if a series takes too long to finish like this one, I begin to “grow” out of it. The book that won my heart still has it, but the new comers are harder for me to bond with. I also find it a bit vexing (yes, vexing) that it is supposedly going to be 800 pages. Yeah, I love huge books like “Cress” (around 550 pages), but at times, I found the sheer number of characters’ perspectives I had to read from to be a bit excessive, and that the quantity sometimes drew away from Marissa’s amazing writing. I’m all for 500-600 paged books and a lot of times I love them much more than smaller books, but 800 is a number that I will have to read to believe.

I’m sorry for all the complaints, and this IS a cover reveal. Let’s get to it!








Marissa Meyer Winter B_53bLvWgAA_Xcx

Thanks for taking a look, bloggers!


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