Please Read This Before April 6th!

I picked this particular link concerning “SB 277” because it had the most simple explanation as to what this bill could do to parental rights.

I’m a cancer survivor.

I don’t tell this to people often, and only my family really knows this fact about me. If others know about it, they probably did not hear the story from me. But today I am telling you, readers, because I wanted to share with you some info about a certain bill that the government is trying to pass.

 A bill called “SB 277” is trying to passed and its purpose is to remove the right for vaccine exemptions. Most beliefs on vaccines will be considered invalid by the government and health officials if “SB 277” is passed. To simplify the definition of its purpose: mandatory vaccination for all children attending school. In essence, this law that they are trying to push through will deprive you of your right to say, “my body, my choice,” or if you are a parent/guardian,”I have the right to decide.” I’m an advocate for personal choice (and social equality for all), especially when it involves your body and vaccines. One of the reasons for this is what I experienced when I was five years old.

Quite a few years ago I had to get vaccinated because I was headed into first grade. No biggie right? Well that is what I thought until the nurse told my mother and me that we had to get four or five vaccines that same day. My mother had asked the nurse if that was wise considering the fact that I had barely gotten over strep throat and was still running a low fever. The nurse had said to my mother that I would be fine, and that the vaccines wouldn’t affect me or do any damage. Plus, doctors and nurses reasoning is that statistics prove that only 1 in ever 100,000 (rough estimation) have gotten really sick from being vaccinated. Why would I be the one to get sick? I came out with five Snoopy print band-aids on my legs that day, and a few months later I was diagnosed with leukemia (a cancer that limits red blood cell production and creates too many underdeveloped white cells). Partially because of what happened that day, I became a statistic.

Obviously I’m still here, but I’m not writing to tell you about what I went through. I do, however, want to inform you about vaccines and the rights that you should have concerning them. After I was diagnosed, my mom was SO careful to make sure that she paid attention to ingredients in food and medical prescriptions (a couple of allergic reactions later, we found what to avoid), and she made sure to sign a waver to ensure that I could opt out of certain vaccines. Here we are, years later, and I am cancer free and intend to stay that way. I am grateful for what I went through because I can tell people about it now so they can be informed from both sides: the medical world and personal experience. This isn’t just me on some weird rant, guys; there are real correlation studies that are linking low immune systems combined with vaccinations (especially concerning the mid-twenties and late teens in America) to different forms of cancer and type 1 diabetes.

My family members and me took those vaccinations/prescriptions because we were told to, but now we know that it is wise to do our research before we put things into our bodies. I am so grateful for the exemptions I received during those first few years of having leukemia because I stayed so much healthier than some of the kids I knew who had cancer and were consistently vaccinated. But nowSB 277” wants to take the right to choose away from parents and adults. I’m not telling anyone that all vaccines are bad because some of them can be very helpful. All I want to do is to prompt you to think twice before you put something in your body, and that you should also have the right to choose whether you and your children want to be vaccinated or not. There is not judgement to the believers of vaccines or those who doubt them, because, for me, all I want is the right to choose. My body, my choice.

I picked this particular link concerning “SB 277” because it had the most simple explanation as to what this bill could do to parental rights.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Please Read This Before April 6th!

  1. Reblogged this on Ashley Townsend and commented:
    I recently discovered that the government is looking to remove YOUR choice to decide what goes into your children’s bodies in the form of a bill called SB 277. It overrides parents’ refusal of their children being vaccinated due to religion, personal preference, and the general interest of the child—public, charter, and private schools, which includes homeschoolers, are not excused from this mandate. My family has stayed incredibly healthy by implementing vitamins into our routine rather than be vaccinated after a serious family reaction to them years ago. I know that not everyone shares the same opinion on whether the constant and rapid influx of vaccines into a child’s system is a positive or negative thing–they can be both helpful and incredibly harmful–but I think we can all agree that the decision to choose should NOT be left to a third party who has no personal interest in your child and cannot decide from their distant standpoint what is best for them, potentially against your own will, I might add. You, the parent, should be allowed to make that choice regarding your child’s health. Please read this post my sister did on the issue of SB 277, read the brief articles, and decide for yourself. Katie’s post is written from a personal story of how she dealt with the side effects of vaccines, but it is also an incredibly valid argument. If you follow the links to the articles, you’ll also find email and phone numbers to call and voice your necessary and valid opinion on this issue (before April 6th, 2015). Please also be sure to pass along any articles and posts that you would like to share with others who feel that this lack of choice is a concern.

    “We need to teach the next generation of children from day one that they are responsible for their lives. Mankind’s greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that we have free choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear.” –Elizabeth Rubler-Ross

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