My Excitement: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

You all know that I love the “Starbound” trilogy, so I am sure can conclude that the existence of “Illuminae” would send me cartwheeling. You’re both right and wrong in this case: 1. I have never successfully been able to complete a cartwheel (childhood fear, I guess), and 2. Cartwheeling is a bit too mellow for what I’m feeling right now. Since a picture paints a thousand words, I’m just going to let the gifs speak (mostly) for themselves.

chris prattLearning that Amie was co-authoring another book with a friend,

prince of bell airand then my happy dance commenced!

tangledAfter my happy dance was completed, I finally noticed the summary of the book.

robert downey jr.My feels were bountiful to say the least,

psych shawn and gusand we all know that I pre-ordered “Illuminae” right after that.

d32bc04ce6c33df8a776f721d23cb153Felt a little bit like this after pushing the confirm button for my pre-order…


and then this.

america I really want it now, but August will be here soon enough, right?

877c9836f9074af0b4fb4c0a194fe1a9_200x300This was my reaction to it being delayed until October 20th…

jack sparrowand here I am, waiting until the day that it comes out.

Thanks for taking  a look everyone!

P.S. Goodreads posted the cover for “Illuminae” earlier than it should have, and so I needed to erase my previous post.If you saw it, please keep it hush, hush for a while to respect the authors and the publishing house.


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