Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

I had entered a giveaway about two months that was posted by a blogger who hosted an interview with one of my favorite authors, Katie McGarry. Nova and Katie McGarry are fabulous ladies, and I was so excited when I got an email from Nova a week ago telling me that I had won the giveaway! The prize was a Katie McGarry book of my choice, and so I asked Nova if I would be able to choose “Nowhere But Here,” which wasn’t slated to release until May 26th. I kind of put it out there knowing that it wouldn’t happen, and I ended up writing that if “Nowhere But Here” wouldn’t work out, then I would love “Crash Into You.” I didn’t expect my prize to be “Nowhere But Here” and I was personally just excited to have won a Katie McGarry book in a giveaway, but lo and behold, the mail lady came and dropped off a yellow bubble envelope with this heavenly item inside of it.


When I began unwrapping it, I could see the ‘n’ peeking out from behind the yellow paper and the tape, and I immediately started to shriek as only a fangirl can.  


I was in shock that Katie McGarry had sent me “Nowhere But Here,” which isn’t out for two more weeks, and she even signed it!! *faints* I ended up running into my sister’s room screaming, shouting, and jumping up and down! (I honestly did not know I could jump that high…) Once the shock wore off, I was kinda just like,


Thanks for reading, and hopefully I will have a review to share with you all soon!


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