Fangirl Friday #1…I’m Excited for Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

Welcome to Fangirl Friday! I’m so excited to be starting these weekly posts with you, and I’m quite happy to be ahead of schedule! To kick-off my first Fangirl Friday I wanted to do a post about something that I’m really excited for: “Queen of Shadows” by Sarah J. Maas!

sarah j maas queen of shadows

Earlier this year I hadn’t cared too much about when this book came out. My older sister ADORES Sarah’s books and she’s the one to get me on “Throne of Glass” and “A Court of Thorns and Roses,” but back when the second book, “Crown of Midnight,” came out in 2013, I hadn’t felt the need to carry on in the “Throne of Glass” series. I loved “Throne of Glass” when I read it, but I had heard a fair amount about book two from my sister and other sources to know that “Crown of Midnight” would not be my kind of book. However, after reading “A Court of Thorns and Roses” and “Throne of Glass” (for the second) this summer, I am a renewed Sarah J. Maas addict.

I loved “Throne of Glass” even more the second time I read it, and so I wanted to give the “Crown of Midnight” a fair chance. I read it and enjoyed the journey that it took me on, but it didn’t capture my heart quite like “Throne of Glass” had. I still ended up really liking it because of Sarah’s trademark addictive writing, and once I had finished “Crown of Midnight,” I decided to continue on and started to read the third book, “Heir of Fire.” Book two was good, but “Heir of Fire” totally blew my socks off, and now I am SUPER excited for “Queen of Shadows.” SO much happened in “Heir of Fire,” especially towards the end, and I want to read the fourth book to see what Sarah J. Maas is going to write next. I know it’s only the fourth book in a six book series, but I’m still hoping for some resolve so that I don’t drown in my tears for two more years! Gosh, I really need “Queen of Shadows,” like, right now! GIVE IT TO ME!!!

Fili the hobbit 6c24efce690173ddc00ff01e8fe85c50

From one fangirl to another, this is basically what the ending of “Heir of Fire” did to me and why I need “Queen of Shadows” right now. My feelings were as follows:

scott caanSo, the last hundred or so pages of “Heir of Fire” made me wonder what Sarah J. Maas was  trying to do by tearing my soul apart.

omg-backing-awaySo much happened during the last couple of chapters, and I was internally going like this…

emma stoneand this…

732777and this…

gilmore girlsand finally this.

Yeah, I knew what was coming because my sister and I had talked about it in-depth a year ago, but the ending of “Heir of Fire” was still traumatizing even when I was prepared for it! I desperately need to know if anyone I love in this series will survive the magical and maniacal fingers of Sarah J. Maas in “Queen of Shadows”!


Also, in preparation for the release of “Queen of Shadows,” I am reviewing books one through three, so keep your eyes out for some reviews of Sarah J. Maas’s “Throne of Glass” books.

Thanks so much for joining me on my first Fangirl Friday!


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