Queen of Shadows Is Out!

I am so excited today because “Queen of Shadows” by Sarah J. Maas is out!!! I haven’t had time to read or really write that much on this blog because school has been keeping me pretty busy, but today I’m throwing studying out the window for “Queen of Shadows” and plan on consuming it over the next day or two. I’ve haven’t read a book in three or four weeks (ick!), so I’m stickin’ it to my higher education for a short period of time to relax and do something that I love. What you gonna do about, college?

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I’ve got a deadline to finish the fourth “Throne of Glass” book, which means I really need to hunker down so I can finish it before I have to emerge from my reading lair to do more school. Hopefully I will finish it on Wednesday or Thursday so I can have a gif review up for Fangirl Friday, and then (hopefully) I will have a full review written for the following week.

Gosh, I’m just so excited/anxious to see what Sarah J. Maas has in store for my favorite characters in this series!!! *caugh* Aedion and Dorian *caugh* I am just hoping that Sarah doesn’t kill Dorian off in this series because, well…bdc8854f1f54e3b4b267ff8c12058f5d

Dorian’s fate worries me since Sarah’s middle name should be the Queen of Hearts, and I’m quite terrified that none of the characters I love will survive even though they are amazing people. Alright, it’s is time for me to say goodbye and descend into the reading lair! I hope to have good news when I come back to the real world. See you Friday!

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