Fangirl Fiday #6…Look At What I Got!

Sooooooo, I totally failed at finishing “Queen of Shadows” in time for Fangirl Friday! Time got away from me on Wednesday and Thursday, and I had too much school to focus on to read and enjoy Sarah J. Maas’s book, so, sadly, I am only at the hundred and fifty page mark. I obviously wanted to have finished it before today, but I desperately wanted to get school done so I wouldn’t have to worry about it in the back of my mind the entire time I was trying to enjoy reading Sarah’s book. Because of that, today I don’t have a gif review of “Queen of Shadows” for you, but what I do have something else to share with you this fair Fangirl Friday.

Today after I went to an early morning class, I went to my local library’s bookstore and I literally struck bookish gold!!!! One of the first shelves I started perusing had a gorgeous collection of leather-bound editions of “The Harvard Classics” on it, and they were only two dollars each!

It was truly a magical treasure hunt, and I ended up staying in the book shop for half an hour! I wanted to buy, like, seven different volumes from the one collection, but I only had five dollars in cash and there was no credit card machine. I was tempted to run to my bank…


but decided that probably wasn’t necessary since I had enough with me to get two of the books I wanted. Even though I only bought two of the seven volumes I wanted, I felt like I came out on top of the world, and I might have even danced a little bit on my way back to my car! Okay, now that I’ve shared my story with you, here are the actually books!


I LOVE Brother’s Grimm fairy tales and some of Aesop’s fables, and I’m also super excited to read “The Thousand and One Nights” because of how much I adored “The Wrath and the Dawn” by Renée Ahdieh!!! Oh, and did I already mention that these volumes were printed before WWII and that there’s Latin inscribed on the covers? *weeps* IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!


Thanks for visiting, everyone, and I hope your Friday was as good as mine!!


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