Fangirl Friday #7…Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas: Part 1

Okay, so I read “Queen of Shadows” and really enjoyed it, but it is going to take me some time to fully process all that happened and write down what are hopefully coherent thoughts concerning this book. Since I am still mulling over my sea of feels, I felt it necessary to make a two-part review because there were JUST SO MANY FEELS!!! I am hoping to find time to review “Queen of Shadows” this week, but for now, I need to express my emotions through some gifs!

Okay, so Dorian and Aedion had book time within the first two or three chapters and I was just like,

poldark ed47af38abb3ec0293e8f31130a7da61

I was so happy to see them, but the circumstances it was under were…heartbreaking to say the least. Seeing Dorian like that just tore me up inside and made me cry, and then added to my torment was the stress of Aedion’s precarious situation…


Let me remind you all that this waterfall of emotions started in chapter two of “Queen of Shadows” and continued through the entire six-hundred and fifty paged book. Personally, I think ‘waterfall of emotion” is too light of a description for what I felt…I think it was more of like a six-hundred and fifty page plummet with only a little water and some rocks at the bottom to soften the impact,

the hobbit 40f94b4a4ede3952a450275c5dbf114f

then the waterfall of emotions tried to drown me!!!! I survived, but it was a struggle not to sob while I was reading certain parts. Oh, yeah, and then there were the last hundred pages where, well, somehow I got more stressed out and petrified than I was at the beginning of this book.

the office creed

I loved “Queen of Shadows” and I am looking forward to reviewing it, but beware when you read it because, trust me, it’s going to hurt. Now I’m going to curl up in a ball and cry since I just relived all of the emotions I felt while reading this book in an even shorter period of time…

crying feels


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