Chasing Shadows Fan Art: A-oo-ga!

Ashley Townsend

I don’t know about you, but I officially love fan art, and thanks to Katie and Deborah, “Chasing Shadows” has some! *happy dance* Remember, if you create original fan art for the series on Pinterest, be sure to tag @TownsendTales and use #TeamHood to earn TWO entries toward the social media prizes. When I saw some of the art Katie had created, I actually teared up. It’s like having a visual for emotional scenes I envisioned! #Feelsattack

Also, some of you might have heard that Pinterest unexpectedly–through a glitch of the devil, I’m sure–deleted my Rising Shadows Trilogy board on Friday. It. Was, Horrible. Years of work and inspiration gone! Anyway, after much sobbing and chocolate, I pulled myself together and, with the help of my sister, we’ve been scrambling to re-create a new board for the party. It isn’t nearly complete, but, if I may say so, it looks

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