Fangirl Friday #12…Bookish Goodies!

Not to much has happened for me in the book realm this past week since school has been keeping me quite busy; I wish that I could read a book instead of working on school, but alas, it is not to be! *sigh* Despite there not being able to read as much as I want to, I was pleasantly surprised by some fantastic pre-oder and giveaway goodies that came in the mail this past week!

My first goody haul was a map and signed bookplate from Macmillan for pre-ordering a copy of “Six of Crows” by Leigh Bardugo, and I immediately went on a cleaning spree so I could display this amazing map properly!


And tonight I finally got around to putting the bookplate into my copy of “Six of Crows,” so that was really cool!


The last little fun goody I was super excited over this Fangirl Friday was a book from HarperCollins that I had won in a goodreads giveaway. It was really exciting to win it, and I did not think it would come so soon!IMG_0122

Yeah, I could get used to receiving book mail from HarperCollins on a regular basis.


Hope you had a great friday, and thanks for visiting my blog today!


4 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday #12…Bookish Goodies!

  1. Ohh I ADORED The Lies About Truth! SO GOOD. I hope you love it too, congrats on the win! And I SO wish I had pre ordered Six of Crows- especially since I ended up buying it the week it was released anyway, the poster is so pretty! Enjoy the new lovelies!! 🙂

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