Oh, Sweet Freedom!

Soooo, sorry about the radio silence for the last month/month and a half! My classes got the better of me and trying to find extra brainpower to read for fun and write reviews was definitely lacking during this semester, but I am super happy to announce that I made it through finals week! It felt a little bit like this,


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but I survived, and I’m so happy to be officially done with this semester!!! I am just so excited that I will finally have time to read and review some books!


Although I have a lot more time and energy to read and review some books, I don’t know how often I will actually post during December and early January. I want to read and review as many books as I can, but I also want to build up enough reviews so that I can begin scheduling them for more consistency during my spring semester, and now I am at an impasse: to post or not to post? I’m still deciding what to do, but in the meantime I have a couple of books that I’ve read and written reviews for, so I will try to post them soon. I really appreciate you all hanging in there with me, and here’s to seeing you guys around (hopefully) soon!

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