My Resolution for 2016

My New Year’s resolution for 2016 was to be more grateful for all the small and big things in my life, and I am trying out this new feature with the hope that it will force me to sit down and think about something lovely, whether it be a quote, a picture, or just something worth smiling about, at least once a week. I liked doing Fangirl Fridays a lot and will continue to do them, but just not as consistently. I loved posting about things I was excited over, but I constantly felt like I had to find or get something particularly fabulous every week to create a post; it was silly of me to view it that way, yet I started looking at my blog as something I had to do, instead of it being a hobby. In the spirit of being grateful and looking up from whatever it is I am doing once in a while, I wanted to start this feature, which is about the little pleasures, or les petits bonheurs, in life.

My hope is that this semester of school will be a little less stressful and my blogging will feel a bit more enjoyable than last semester. I hate scrambling to finish things, and I had felt like I was behind on everything last fall, especially my blog, but now that I am starting this mellow feature and have some reviews written and scheduled in advance, I think that I will be able to write more for the sake of enjoyment, rather than just to keep my blog alive. I’m looking forward to appreciating my hobby again, and I hope that all of you, who’ve all been so awesome to stick with me and endure my slightly crazy fangirliness, will enjoy this new feature!


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