Les Petits Bonheurs #2…


“After all, every story has a story.”

“I’m a fool for the rain.”

“And he smiled a smile to shame the sun.”

—“The Wrath and the Dawn” by Renée Ahdieh.

I did not love “The Wrath and the Dawn” the first time I had read it. I had adored Khalid and Jalal, and had massively enjoyed the way Renée told her story; the elegant lushness of her writing was amazing, even unforgettable in its own way. The one thing that I had not been a fan of, however, was Renée’s heroine, Shazi, and that had stopped me from falling head-over-heels in love with “The Wrath and the Dawn” the first time I had read it. After a little time and some persuasion on my sister’s part, I bought it (again) and started reading it with fresh eyes and a new perspective. After reading it a second time, I was completely lost to Renée Ahdieh’s words, her world, and her characters, and I even ended up liking Shazi a lot more. Take two was amazing and enjoyable because I got so much more from the truly heartfelt story that was told in “The Wrath and the Dawn,” and just this past month I reread it again.

Sometimes I wonder how it is that certain books can get even better the more you read them? “The Wrath and the Dawn” is one of those rare stories that you can read twenty times and still draw just as much emotion from it as the first time you read it, while also having the personal history with the characters, which somehow makes it even better.*sighs* I am in love with Renée’s book, and I am currently saving up for the French translation of “The Wrath and the Dawn” because it’s gorgeous and, well, I can’t own two copies in English

If you love elegant, lush writing and vividly imagined characters, you should definitely give “The Wrath and the Dawn” a read!


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