Les Petits Bonheurs #4…


 La joie des livres…

It’s odd, but I just recently discovered that I love Jane Austen’s novel, “Emma.”As a young girl, I was not into period piece movies and I was definitely not a fan of reading, which is practically the opposite of who I am today! I had thought that “Emma” was quite boring, with the except of the character, Mr. Knightly, so I never paid much attention to it; years passed, and with them, my opinion changed. Slowly I grew to like the adaption of “Emma” with Gweneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam as Mr. Knightly, and I appreciated the music in the movie even more as I grew older; I had loved the “Emma” soundtrack, even as a really young girl, and I guess the only thing that has not changed about me is the fact that I am a music lover through and through! So, through the last decade I have grown to love, even adore, the movie “Emma” with its beautiful soundtrack, and a while ago I decided to read the novel. (I know, I’m a little late on reading the loads of classic literature books that are available, but at least I’m getting there.) People have beef with the book “Emma,” but I ended up loving the book and the movie, and “Emma” and “Persuasion” are by far my favorite books by Austen!


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