Les Petits Bonheurs #7…


So, in under a week, Cassandra Clare’s newest book, “Lady Midnight,” hits the shelves. I am beyond excited for it to come out because I desperately want to be taken on a thrilling, compelling adventure, and Cassandra’s “The Infernal Devices” trilogy did exactly that for me last year; hopefully the first book in “The Dark Artifices” trilogy will end up being just as enjoyable as Will, Jem, and Tessa’s story, even though it seems quite different from Cassandra’s other books! Unfortunately, I have a couple of tests that must be studied for before I can pick up any more books, but the second I have some free time, “Lady Midnight” is happening!


4 thoughts on “Les Petits Bonheurs #7…

    • I know, right?!!! I am so anxious for “Lady Midnight” to come out, and I wish it was Tuesday already!
      Thanks so much for the comment, and I am looking forward to your review of “Lady Midnight”! Hopefully Cassandra’s new book will be as magical and amazing as everyone says! ;-D

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