Les Petits Bonheurs #13…


“If you search for me, I’m in the west.”

‘À l’ouest’ can also mean ‘daydreaming.’

So, basically all I want to do is read. I know, I know, this is not surprising coming from a blogger, but last week I did not read much, which means that I need to make up for some lost time with my beloved fiction. With that thought in mind, I was so excited when I got a couple of books in the mail this week! I bought myself a paperback of “The Wrath and the Dawn” because it had a scene from Khalid’s point of view, and I wanted it in physical form rather than kindle. So sue me, I own a hardcover, a paperback, and a French addition of Renée Ahdieh’s gorgeous book! I also feel justified in the purchase, though, since “The Rose and the Dagger” comes out on the 26th of this month, and I needed to reread “The Wrath and the Dawn” before its release. And, honestly, who could resist that pretty paperback cover? 😉

Among other rereads on my list, I was able to check “A Court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas off of my to-read list, and I am so ready for “A Court of Mist and Fury” to come out on May 3rd! It’s a book that I am both excited for and afraid of; Sarah’s is not a gentle author, so let’s just say that I fear for my Tamlin! But in all honesty, there is definitely more excitement than fear in it for me, well, at least I think so…

Ahhh, and the last book news is not about rereads. I purchased “The Glittering Court” by Richelle Mead, so I am extremely excited to read it. Most of the bloggers I follow have great things to say about Richelle Mead’s newest book, despite the mixed reception of it, so I am hoping that I will like it. “The Glittering Court” just seems like such an amazing book, and its gorgeous does not hurt matters…



4 thoughts on “Les Petits Bonheurs #13…

  1. Yes!! I am so looking forward to The Rose And The Dagger! And The Star-Touched Queen. And The Crown’s Game. In no particular order. 🙂

  2. I have times where I don’t get any reading accomplished and then read furiously. I think it is important to have balance and one day I will get there! I have preordered a few books this week, including ACOMAF and I know exactly how you feel about Sarah! I hope that you enjoy A Glittering Court!! 🙂

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