Les Petits Bonheurs #15…


“Beginnings have inexpressible charms.”

This quote by Molière reminds me of my general favoritism toward the first books in my favorite series. There are always exceptions to the rule, but the majority of series that I own, it is the first book, the beginning, that remains the most dear to me, even when the rest of the series is amazing. The stories themselves and their journeys remain precious to me, but most of the time it is the first falling that sticks with me, and the commencements leave me with the memories of the moment when I connected with an author’s words and their characters. Maybe it’s silly of me, but I truly love the feeling of a “meet cute” between me and a book!

Books provide such a different experience for everyone, and for me, the magic is usually in the beginning, with its inexpressible charms that stay with me long after I have read it. “The Winner’s Curse” and “The Wrath and the Dawn” are just two examples of this for me, and there is something truly magical about those books that I keep going back to, even though their sequels were just as good. Maybe its the nostalgia of the experience, but there is just something about those beginnings that I cannot get enough of!


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