Time Has Gotten Away from Me…

Time has really gotten away from me this semester, despite how hard I have tried to not let it. I had written quite a few reviews in a couple of weeks in order to disperse them over this school semester when I did not have the extra time or motivation to complete a new blog post, but now I am all out scheduled reviews! As much as I enjoy writing reviews, I enjoy reading more, so you obviously know which hobby was sacrificed in the battle for time…

All that being said, I have been reading a lot and I hope to have some reviews up and ready for the summer. They will come, I promise, I just need to focus on my last two weeks of classes, and then I can read and review the books that I buy and get from the library.

Soon I will have my blogger game-face back on, and I am looking forward to doing nothing but reading and writing for a few weeks straight. I’ll see you all after finals week!



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