Musings of Becky Wallace

Awesome interview. Aspiring authors should definitely take a look at this!

Live, Love, Read


Making Every (Writing) Minute Count
by Becky Wallace

I have four kids. Four little kids. I love them. They are wonderful. I never question why I had them. They do, however, require a LOT of time. There’s a lot of laundry, meal prep, and practices (and cuddling and story time), but that leaves me with very little time to write. I can usually sneak an hour of writing during naps or maybe at bedtime (if I can keep my eyes open).

Up until this summer, I managed about 500 words per day. For me, for all the stories taking up space in my head, that pace gave me a little anxiety and a lot of frustration. So I set out on a mission to become a faster, more effective writer. I read books and talked to authors and studied best practices. And I found a secret for tripling my daily…

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