Down the Rabbit Hole…or, Rather, Back from the Rabbit Hole

Well, I guess I am back and writing on this poorly kept blog again. It is seriously hilarious how life this past 9 months has totally and completely kept me away from my blog; honestly, what happened to time for my hobbies? What happened to making time for those hobbies?! These past few months I felt a bit like I was the ogre of the book blogging universe, standing still, watching all of these lovely bloggers read mounds of book, post vlogs and writing lengthy reviews, while somehow managing several social media platforms, their own social lives, all the while working (most of them) full-time. Oh, yeah, and some of them are authors in addition to all of that. *sighs*

I accomplished a lot this past year and coming into the first half of 2018, but between working full-time, moving, and finishing my degree, writing on this blog was the first thing to get thrown out of the proverbial window. It was reading or blogging on the chopping block, and since I need books like I need air, blogging was logically the first one to go. Also, I needed to be reading in order to even write reviews, so….

new girl

All of that meaningless fluff being said, I do intend on picking back up this old hobby of mine, and I hope to have a few reviews to post fairly soon.

I hope you stick around to see what’s to come in my little corner of the book world. Honestly, who knows what might happen…


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