A New Book for You and Me…

You might have been wondering if I still roamed this earth (or blogerverse, depending on how you want to look at it), since it has taken me nearly four months to get back to my blog. *sighs* Well, I got lost to life, work, and college, but I was reading that entire time, and I hope to start writing on this blog again soon.


Although, I am not back writing a review on my blog today, I did want to remind you all that “Blacksouls” by Nicole Castroman came out yesterday, and that you all should read “Blackhearts” as soon as you can so that you can be prepared for Nicole’s latest book. Here’s my review of “Blackhearts” by Nicole Castroman, in case your on the edge about reading it. I am very excited to read “Blacksouls” despite wishing that it was a one novel story, and I am anxious for my copy to come in the mail to see what is going to happen to Anne and Teach!

*waiting for my mail to come*


If you like historical fiction with a twist, I definitely recommend “Blackhearts,” and if that does not tempt you to read Nicole’s books, I also heard that some piracy is about to make an appearance in “Blacksouls”…



Les Petits Bonheurs #32…

ed7a8fc26f21a06c8b58e9fd2212069f(I found this fanart on: https://readatmidnight.com/2016/01/07/read-at-midnight-designs-six-of-crows/)

So, I’m late again this week with a post, but, hey, at least I’m here! So I just wanted to post this lovely fanart, which was created by a fellow blogger (readatmidnight), in celebration of having enough time to read “Crooked Kingdom” by Leigh Bardugo! I adored “Six of Crows” when it came out, and I have been anxious to find out what will happen to Leigh’s characters ever since finishing it. It has been a mild form of torture to look at that gorgeous book on my shelf for the last three weeks and to not have enough time to pick it up. But today that changes, and I am super excited to do a quick read of “Six of Crows” to freshen my memory of the events leading up to Leigh Bardugo’s explosive finale!

Thanks for visiting today! Bonne journée, tout le monde!

Les Petits Bonheurs #30…


Bon anniversaire, mon petit blog!

I woke up this morning to a wordpress notification that I have had my blog for four years now. It is crazy that this little blog started out as a high school assignment for my English class, and then gradually turned into a hobby and passion. I know that my blog is tiny (and a little sparse as of late concerning reviews) in comparison to the other book blogs out there, but I just want to say thank you to everyone who has stuck with this blog since the very beginning, and also to those who joined in on the journey a little more recently. It’s a miracle you’ve survived my book rants and weepy gif posts for this long, and I hope you’ll be willing to stick around for some more reviews, a few more rants, and many more gifs! ;-D

Bonne journée, tout le monde!


Time Has Gotten Away from Me…

Time has really gotten away from me this semester, despite how hard I have tried to not let it. I had written quite a few reviews in a couple of weeks in order to disperse them over this school semester when I did not have the extra time or motivation to complete a new blog post, but now I am all out scheduled reviews! As much as I enjoy writing reviews, I enjoy reading more, so you obviously know which hobby was sacrificed in the battle for time…

All that being said, I have been reading a lot and I hope to have some reviews up and ready for the summer. They will come, I promise, I just need to focus on my last two weeks of classes, and then I can read and review the books that I buy and get from the library.

Soon I will have my blogger game-face back on, and I am looking forward to doing nothing but reading and writing for a few weeks straight. I’ll see you all after finals week!


A New Addition…

So, obviously summer is coming to an end and that means I will be going back to college. Sadly, college means less time for reading and reviewing books, but instead of forsaking my hobby entirely, I thought it would be a fun opportunity to change things up a bit on this blog. Sometime around mid-August, I am going to start Fangirl Fridays, which will be a once a week post where I will write about upcoming books/bookish events that I am super excited for, occasionally share playlists I created for series that I love, and post short reviews of books that I read but don’t have time to fully review while school is in. I also intend to start doing gif emotion reviews for the books that really get me in the fangirl in addition to my short and full reviews.

My hope for Fangirl Fridays is that it will be a fun way to liven up my blog and make it more enjoyable for all of you readers who’ve been with me these past couple of years. Thanks so much for you sticking with me!