Heist Society by Ally Carter (Heist Society #1)

ally carter Heist Society

“Heist Society” by Ally Carter

5 out of 5 stars.

“Heist Society” begins with Katarina Bishop getting kick out of Colgan School for something she did not do; she’s done a lot of things but putting the Headmaster’s Porsche on top of a fountain… really? First of all she wouldn’t have been caught on camera committing vandalism, and on top of that the whole job was just too cliché for her, much too obvious for her style.

Kat would have been just fine with taking the fall for something she had done, but to be framed… so not cool! Katarina would have liked to have told Colgan School the truth but that would have implicated her in a completely different way; forging your way into the most prestigious school in the United States might be slightly incriminating. All Kat had wanted was a fresh start, away from the family business. But for poor Katarina, it seems she will never be able to get out of the net her family has so intricately wound around themselves and her.

Back on the road with her friend and billionaire, Hale, Kat finds herself in the middle of something for more dangerous and mysterious than your average pick pocket job. With her family’s and friends’ lives hanging in the balance, Katarina must pull off the biggest heist in her family’s history: rob the Henley museum in England, and return the stolen paintings to their own who just so happens to be a mobster… No big deal right? But there is more than meets the eye to this heist, and can Kat finish this job and move on with her life, or is she forever doomed to steal instead of own her own destiny? And how can she leave her family if she decides to quit the business? And what about Hale, her best friend who seems to have become much more to Kat than she ever thought possible?

Wonderful. Fabulous. Amazing. These are three words I would use when describing “Heist Society” by Ally Carter. I have waited forever for a new, fabulous and amazing book like this; I was getting a little scared that I wouldn’t have another book for quite a while to write a review on. But alas, there finally came along a book that absolutely surpassed all my expectations; they may have been significantly lowered from waiting for so long, but that is completely beside the point. The “Heist Society” is well written, entertaining from beginning to end, and was the perfect kind of fluff. Just what the doctor prescribed. I enjoyed every minute of this endearing and fun story, and look forward to future installments in this series.

“Heist Society” was so wonderful. I just sat down and read the whole thing in one sitting. It was interesting, fun, and I thought the travels as well as the bits of history woven throughout the story were fantastic. I found the whole history of the Nazi’s stealing different peoples’ art pieces fascinating and it really opened up my eyes to just how horrible they were to anyone who disagreed with their philosophies. It is a very interesting history lesson that they don’t go into too much depth on when you’re in school.

I also really enjoyed Kat as a character. I haven’t found a nice, funny, intelligent heroine in ages, if ever, and that was absolutely refreshing! Kat was awesome, and her and Hale together were just great; the whole gang in general was so much fun, and they all were thoroughly entertaining. “Heist Society” might not be for everyone but I know that I LOVED it. This book was just pure, clean, enjoyable fun. I think that if you like a little mystery, a sprinkle of romance, a bit history, and a lot of fun and well written fluff, than I think you would really enjoy this YA book very much.


Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

redeeming love by francine rivers

“Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers.

5 out of 5 stars.

Redeeming Love is the retelling of the book of Hosea in the Bible. It’s a gritty tale of one man loving a woman who can’t seem to find her way out of prostitution. Francine Rivers really made this story come alive: Michael Hosea is a living, breathing person whom you can’t help but love, and Angel is the beautiful girl who has been mistreated since childhood. While reading this book I found myself inwardly yelling at Angel to stop hurting Michael, then I realized what Francine did: she made a character (Angel) that is so like me. The whole book in an allegory of our relationship with God and how we so often hurt Him and turn our backs on Him for no reason at all. We believe Him to be indifferent to our plight, yet He feels it even more than we do! I was amazed at how artfully Francine Rivers accomplished this; I still am in awe even after reading it several times.

Redeeming Love  is achingly beautiful; and yes, it hurts at times! I was in pain (yet satisfied) with how things unfolded. Why does Angel have to hurt him every single moment of their time together? I felt so bad for Angel, but at times I wanted to whack her over the head with a frying pan for being so cruel to Michael. I understand why she did it, but still! Ahhhhh, and Michael! Oy, what didn’t that man do right! He was the epitome of the perfect man; no man like him exists in the world, but if you find one, let me know!!! He was so kind and wonderful, yet so unattainable!! I know he is supposed to be the Christ-like figure in the book, but come on, Francine, you are making me want what I can’t have! You’re killing me!

So much happens in this book that it cheapens the story to try and explain it in a one page post, so I won’t try. This is a great book, and even if Michael wasn’t in it (but, thank the Lord he is!) I would still love this story. It is so profound and impacting I recommend it to almost everyone. I will say, though, that it is extremely gritty; the life of a prostitute isn’t pretty. I wouldn’t recommend young readers to pick this up. I picked it up in my mid-teens and at times it was a bit much for me, but it was still good. With that said, Redeeming Love is in my top ten favorite books. It is a great way to understand the book of Hosea more, and even your relationship with Christ. I loved it!