Altered by Jennifer Rush

altered by jennifer rush“Altered” by Jennifer Rush

4 out of 5 stars.

Sam, Trev, Cas, and Nick live in Anna’s basement; no it is not what it sounds like. The four boys have lived down there for five years. Anna’s father “improving” and “altering” them, and she can only assume that the boys are a part of some secret government project that is trying to create super soldiers. Harmless, right? But Anna is in for a ride when the “government” comes for the boys, and they escape. The only person they haven’t hurt is Anna, and she is grateful for that but her father makes an unusual request of Sam, the leader of the pack: take Anna with him and keep her safe. But safety is elusive with this band of friends and danger, even death, is following close at their heels, and though Anna cares deeply for Trev, Cas, and especially Sam, she wonders if she made the right choice by going with them. Can these boys, who have had their memories wiped, save themselves and Anna? And will Anna be able to survive the truth about herself she never knew even existed?

“Altered” was a new kind of book for me and I really enjoyed it; it isn’t the kind of book I would own but it was very interesting. “Altered” was an easy to read, fast-paced book that is apart of what I would assume in another trilogy, but it ended on only a slight cliffhanger that wasn’t even a real cliffhanger; it is nice not to have a peptic ulcer by waiting a year for the other book to be released.

“Altered” has quite a few characters in it, so even if you are not in love with the “hero” and “heroine” of the story, there are still quite a few to love. I was not a huge fan of Sam (the hero), but I found him to be a nice guy, and though he wasn’t for me, I know a lot of readers really like that kind of character; he just wasn’t my cup of tea/joe. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of Sam, I really enjoyed two of his friends, Trev and Cas. Cas was a crack up and Trev was really nice and I think he was my favorite.

“Altered” was also very enjoyable in the fact that there was never really any down time, so it went quickly. Normally that would bother me, but I think Jennifer Rush did a good job of developing good characters despite the “always” on thing. I will say that I was thrown for a couple of loops (very interesting ones), but I did peg one thing; I just knew it was going to happen even from the beginning, and it made me quite sad while reading “Altered”. I was prepared, but in a way, completely unprepared; I just wish it would not have happened. the only thing that did bother me a bit was the end and the relationship with Sam and Anna. I thought it was a bit lame and I never got attached to either of them, and I thought it kind of turned into sloppy seconds, if you know what I mean. But all in all, I think that Jennifer Rush created a very interesting and suspenseful book. I am looking forward to her next installment in this trilogy.


This was my reaction to what I knew was going to happen, but had hoped wouldn’t.

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